Highly recommended viewing

I just finished watching “Taking Chance”. It is an HBO movie about the return of a soldier, Chance Phelps, killed in Iraq and his military escort.

Wow… That was an 1 1/2 hours of emotional viewing. I can highly recommend that everyone should watch this. You will not be disappointed. I believe it is on over the next few days. HBO only.

Semper Fi

Guess I’ll catch it when it hits NetFlix-
Haven’t had TV reception for about 9 years, I guess.
Can’t say I’ve missed much, from what I’ve gathered, and the good stuff gets to NetFlix - I’ll watch for it, Stephen - Thanks!


It is based on true events and well worth watching.

If anyone wants to improve their marriage, rent the movie Fireproof. Excellent movie! Christian principals, producers, actors. Really a great movie.

All heroes
Let us not forget their sacrifice

Good movie.

I havent seen this one come through yet. I’ll definitely have to check it out…you can count on HBO for good shows. Another one to see if you haven’t is the interview with the iceman…the mafia hitman. It’s definitley one of the most chilling things I ever watched.

Thanks Stephen
I will look for it. God bless all of our soldiers.