Hijacked Again

I guess I am just another grumpy old man but have been Hijacked on two inspections this week. The realtors started out on Monday trying to get the gas turned on in two different homes in two different towns and this is Friday and still no gas. One Realtor stated she was on hold for 50 minutes trying to make contact with the gas company. The gas company is the only game in town and they make the rules and only follow their own rules if it suits them. They will only give an 8 hour window as to when they will arrive to turn the gas on and if the home is vacant they will only make one phone call to the realtor prior to their arrival they leave no voice mail just cancel the appointment and you have to start the whole process over again.

What ever happened to the word SERVICE but I guess if you have a monopoly you can do as you please. This States utilities are suppose to be overviewed by our Corporation Commission that is an elected politician; you know how that goes talking to them is like Shoveling crap against the Tide

I find it interesting that you, in Oklahoma, use the same gas company as I do in Ohio…or are they all this way.

Did an “inspection” last week–no electricity, no gas, no water (winterized). Cracks on the block foundation—not step cracks—straight up and down cracks!

The buyer was not present—just me. Went to talk to her about it, especially the 5 support jacks in the basement. (The house was about 25’ by 25’ square.)

“What jacks??”

I showed her the pictures in the report–“why, they weren’t there when we looked at the house…”

Oh, my, my, my…