HIP 4 has outdone itself.

Oh Yes!
I just don’t see how any other software can out do them at this moment in time…
One of the cool things is it more client friendly. It was already , but one feature is the Glossary of terms.
I could write on about the new features, but I just got my upgrade this morning and am excited as to the new things that has been added that I can add to my report. I heard we can now include videos in the report.
That I haven’t tried as of yet.
I’m friggin sold. Best $400 I have even spent in this business and I got a free upgrade…
Great job Dom and the crew at HIP.
I was a sceptic as of this past December , but with HIP I have cut my reporting time in more that half. YEP!
I don’t have any affiliation with HIP . I just bought the program blind.
And I’m very glad I did.

Roy Lewis
1st Pro Inspection

PS: Just get the free demo and make your own conclusions.

Are you on Mac or PC? I saw Dominic’s Facebook post about it coming out, and he said that the Mac version would be close behind the other, so I’m waiting on that. Can’t wait to see how it is!!

Can i upgrade my version without losing my personal template that i have created ?

You simply need to download the new license and reload.
Video adds easy as a pic.
Glossary is in the edit field.

Great news Ty

Thanks for the great post Roy!! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. There’s a lot more coming down the pipe!

How do you go about doing the upgrade?

Hi David,

If you qualify for the free update (see site for info), send a message via the help desk on our site to request a new license. If not, purchase the update on the site under Pricing. Use coupon code HIPSTAR to save $50 for the next month.

Great post Roy, all true for me as well.

I got HIP to host my website a few years ago. I should have done it sooner.

I just got HIP software and mobile in July. It was really, really, dumb to wait so long. I too, cut my report time in just about 1/2. And the reason it takes me that long is I am constantly fooling with the report and template, and finding all the neat stuff it will do. :smiley:

I sent the email to the help desk to get the upgrade to 4. Hope I get the license soon! I’m anxious to start using it!

Anyone just starting out-don’t buy cheap software!

Sacrifice something else, and get HIP, you’ll be glad you did! :wink:

With “HIPSTAR” Only $199 for an upgrade. 2-2.5 years of support. SOLD