HIP 5 Reference Addendum

First agent to use the new Reference Addendum replied back that she loves it. :smiley:

Second Inspection is not going so great.

Completed the report
Started my side of the reference addendum at about the half way mark my power flickered and the laptop restarted.
I log back in to finish and find out that I have to start from the beginning with the addendum as it does not save your progress.
I complete the addendum portion and start the upload to ISN.
Communication error and the report did not upload.

This causes me to have to start all over with the addendum because It did not save any of my progress.
I complete the addendum for the third time, upload to ISN is successful all green check marks showing it is complete.
Log into the RED for the agent and the inspection is available but the addendum is not there.

Any ideas…

Hi John,

When your power went out the first time during the upload I believe the order was marked complete in ISN (we can double check with them on this). Try to import the inspection from ISN again into HIP. If you don’t see the inspection, go to ISN, click in Inspections->Footprints and click YES next to this inspection. Then import the inspection to HIP.

Upload to ISN again and it should work properly.

I’m glad to hear your first agent loved the feature! That’s exactly what we are hoping for.

We have received a ton of great ideas on updating the RA feature. One of which is definitely saving the RA changes as you go along. It still wouldn’t save though if the power went out during the process.

Let me know how things go. Give us a call or email the help desk if you need assistance!

is there a video from HIP or ISN that is designed for the agent to understand how to use the dashboard.

The video that I have found is directed to the inspector and I would rather not send that to an agent, due to some wording in the video.

working with the addendum feature have a problem. When I go to upload to ISN the addendum window opens up and as soon as I click to add a photo the screen freezes and there is no way out other control alt del. Any ideas?

Yup, ISN is working on this right now.

John did you find anything out about this video?