HIP 6 latest upgrade

So it appears they released HIP 6 with known bugs… I cant use my camera in HIP 6. Anyone else having problems.

Doesn’t work well with Iphones.

Advanced color option doesn’t function as intended.

I haven’t tried the upgrade yet. Did you try contacting HIP support? @dmaricic?


Hi John!

The camera feature for Windows tablets was fixed a few weeks ago. HIP 6 is a Windows/Mac software, not an iPhone software. If you contact our support for assistance and we’d be happy to help you out! You can also email me directly if you have any questions. HIP Support does not watch the InterNACHI message boards, I just happened to be checking in here right now as Junior tagged me which triggered an email to me.


No the problem is not fixed it continues. This problem did not exist in previous versions of HIP. Its not just Iphones. This is damaging to my business.

I have contacted support and allowed them to access my computer.


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Perhaps you should put on you web page that your software is not compatible with Iphone software, and some other software’s. Don’t sell it to customers that expect the new version to be compatible as the old one was.

Hi John,
Thank you for getting this to us so quickly. I cannot view part of the report as photos are covering it.
Thank you,
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So what’s the update here?
I personally don’t use Mac/iPhone or Mobile, but many others do and this may be a concern for many!


Resolved a long time ago! The issue was actually only occurring if inspectors resaved the HIP PDF in Apples Pages app. That was stripping off the HIP popup code and messing things up. If you delivered the report directly it didn’t occur. We’ve worked around that as well.


Knowing you, I’m sure it was, but this thread didn’t reflect that, and it is popping up underneath as a ‘Suggested Topic’. Thought it needed to be known. Thanks for the quick reply… as usual!


Makes sense, thanks Jeff. I hope things are going well!