Hip and Back Injury

Well gentlemen, I could use some advice on how I should be doing roof inspections now.
I’m 27 and have been told I’ll never be able to lift more than 15 pounds.
Do you prefer using binoculars, drone? Any suggestions or recommendations? The whole situation has me a little scattered.

Ouch… sorry to hear! You are young and hopefully with time your injuries and physical abilities will improve.

However, with the 15 pound limitation, I’m thinking you would need another set of eyes and hands for aspects of what we do, ladders for attic and roof, crawling around in attics and crawlspaces, moving / opening sometimes heavy components… not saying it’s not doable, but might be hard without help in my opinion. If you have a good book of biz, and want to continue HI, I’d think employees may be the answer, but then again, you know your limitations much better than I.

Maybe others that have been in a similar situation will chime in as well. All the best!

Thank you Tim. I have a lot to think about. Tempted to bribe the husband to carry my ladder. hahaha

How did you hurt your back and hip and who set the limit to 15 lbs.?
Once you tell me that, I might be able to help. I had an operation at 29 for a ruptured disc and a broken vertebrae at 30.
And another operation at 66. And a hip replacement coming up.

Sky, all of those and also look up Big Crawler the owner is a member, his units will get you into crawlspaces, There are the telescoping poles that you can put cameras on as well. Not everyone climbs every roof so if you can do it at all, then inspect them the best ways possible without. Sorry to hear about your back. best of luck to you

Condolences on the injury and physical limitations. I think I would seriously consider going to a team approach for inspecting and have the other person do the tasks that involve carrying ladders and such. Keep the brain work for yourself.