HIP auction going on right now. Bid before Tues at 9PM MST.

Jump here: https://www.nachi.org/forum/f32/weeks-oct-11-2016-tues-night-auction-full-hip-reporting-software-package-115347/

Eastern Standard Time or Mountain Time? All other auctions have been Mountain Time. Don’t want anybody getting confused…

Eastern would be nice, as I wouldn’t have to stay up until 1am to bid on auction items that I’m interested in.

yes this.

Make your bid today for the highest amount you are willing to spend. That way you will not be drawn into a bidding war and spend beyond your means.

My bad. It ends 9PM MST: https://www.nachi.org/forum/f32/weeks-oct-11-2016-tues-night-auction-full-hip-reporting-software-package-115347/

But that makes Michael mad. :twisted:

To be clear, which Michael are you referring to?

Michael Altizer. He had a big post about all the “rich” kids bidding too high on the auction items too early and ruining the auction for everyone else.