Hip or no hip

I did a Wind Mitigation inspection the other day. Today I received a call from the insurance agent telling me that I should not count the roof over the entry because it was not enclosed. I told her that in addition to that, the roof over the rear porch was also not a hip roof. She told me that if I looked at an aerial view, I would see that the roof over the porch was a hip roof. What do you think?

Robert, from your pictures I’d say you were correct. The gable at entry and lean-to at rear are not hip. Additionally, the gable portion of the boston hip at front of garage would also count against the hip calculation.

I don’t count the front porch but the garage & rear makes it other style.
Recommend the buyer shop around.
Usually when I get calls like this it’s because the agent is afraid they will shop around.
ps>> It’s the agent’s legal duty to submit the report signed by a licensed home inspector without question, not to make an issue out of it!

That roof should be checked as other

The gable above the entry, the gable on the “boston hip” and the two sides of the porch should be counted as non hip features.

Am I right or am I right :slight_smile:

You are right. lol

But the insurance agents are the experts :mrgreen:

The insurance people ARE NOT EXPERTS! The gable over the porch counts because it is tied into the main roof. When that goes it will likely take what it is connected to as well. It does not matter if something is enclosed living space or not. Take for example tied in flat roofs on back patios.