Hip or no hip

If it makes you feel any better YOU DO NOT TAKE AWAY CREDITS. You and most of us only report what is there. Insurance scumbags are the ones that take away or do not give discounts.

Just to clarify, I have no intention of lying and would never report anything that I did not feel was right. Every once in a while, I question the way I am looking at things and like to double check to make sure I am looking at it correctly. That is why I made the post. I felt I was looking at it the right way but didn’t want to cause someone to lose a discount if I was not.

I did get curious as to how someone would be able to make the home be considered as a hip based on what I saw.

I get you Robert and never doubted you, but someone else said they could make it work.

I have seen some four points, from people that post on this board, that have bent the rules for a homeowner to get credits - like giving a shingle roof, with leaks, in South Florida a ten year life expectancy. It happens every day out there. Sooner or later they will get caught. Also know of wind mitigations that have been fraudulently written from inspectors on this board.

Sometimes it might not be fraudulent. Just look at the various answers to the questions presented on this forum. Lots of disparity, mainly due to lack of standards.

I also ask questions even after I have made up my mind to see how others see things. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. It is those that do not admit when they do something that is not correct where the problems lie.