HIP problems with Adobe Acrobat crashing?

Anyone have problems with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

After saving a report and trying to open it to view it, nothing happens. So I look in task manager and there are several iterations of Adobe running. I have to end them all and then nothing updated on the report. Then I have to end task Adobe sessions again and re-create the report hoping it updated. No way to tell because again there are several iterations of Adobe open.

I have uninstalled Reader DC and am installing a previous version for now to see if that works.

Adobe DC will not open documents created from HIP. Its been that way for a while.

I use Foxit reader and it works fine.

I do not understand as I use adobe as well as my clients.Never used FOX.

If HIP reports did not open in Adobe they would be useless.


I did a repair installation of Adobe Reader and all works fine now.

They work fine on others adobe installations.

Sorry for not being a bit clearer.

Not sure what’s up with adobe DC.

I can open HIP generated PDFs from Adobe but when I generate a report in HIP it will not open automatically and returns a blank document.

I am on 3 gen version.

OK do not have that problem.


The devil is in the details it seems.

Here is where I am at. I uninstalled the DC version and went back to Adobe version 11 and it … appears to be working now. Kind of in a slump. Next inspection we shall see. But I can open previous inspections, modify one, re-save, re-generate, and re-open. So it appears to be fixed now.

Mike, your issue is that you’re using HIP 3.’ Adobe changed their exe call a few years back. HIP 4 opens up whatever is the default PDF reader on the system.

We have gotten several complaints about guys using DC (especially in Windows 10) though a reinstall seems to fix it. There’s a few KB articles on Adobe in regards to this. It’s definitely the reader, not HIP with the issue.

Check out and try what’s on https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/known-issues-acrobat-dc-reader.html

I did the reinstall earlier today. problem solved.

Ok, great!

Video can not be viewed from a cell phone in the PDF correct ?

Actually, that’s NOT true anymore :slight_smile: Check out Xodo, free PDF reader that shows annotations and video on your mobile devices. It works great!

Great news!!!

For the direct steps to follow, check out our knowledgebase article: http://help.homeinspectorpro.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/34/2/adobe-reader-does-not-launch

Oh no …it is the evil red shirt guy.

LOL, the green guy can’t do EVERYTHING. At least not at the same time :smiley: