Hip Surgery & Home Inspections

Hello All, Im a new inspector but just got a Hip Replacement done before having any actual paid inspections performed.
How well can I perform Inspections after I heal ? Does anyone know of any Inspectors doing there job after this kind of surgery ?

Im mostly concerned with Roofs & Attics now. Hopefully I will heal enough to get back to life again.

I predict your hip surgery will make you rich. You are now forced to hire help which is the main reason people don’t get rich… a fear of hiring.

I was in the home building business when I was young, fell from scaffolding while laying block, and broke my finger. Within a year I was making bank because I was forced to delegate everything.

You will probably be fine. I have had both of mine done and do ok. Little slower on the roofs and in the crawl holes but still get by.

That’s funny. Never looked at it that way. You might be right !

What about roofs jeff? You crawl up roofs ok. ?

Enrique, you are around 40 or so miles south of me.
If you are interested in “riding along” sometime just let me know.
Many homes I do are 4000-5000 sq ft & you can check it out.
I won’t let you do the attic for me! :wink:

Very nice of you Marc.

You’re a good guy Marc :slight_smile:

It’s your fault!
I wouldn’t be this generous if you had not got me on the first page of google search results. :wink:
#3 today “boca raton home inspectors” (after paid ads) :mrgreen:

Hopefully it doesn’t slow me down any. Scheduled for surgery March 9th. I’m 45 and was hoping that the surgery would get me back up to speed, not slow me down any.

Thank you Marc. I appreciate that. As soon as get stronger I might take you up on that.