Hip text size question

I am evaluating HIP and have a question regarding the text size option.

If I choose a text size of 140% I see two issues (see image):

  1. The icon bar does not resize so the text and icons are out of alignment.
  2. On the client info screen the editable fields do not resize.

Am I missing a setting somewhere in the option?

I have a similar issue on a wide screen desk top monitor.

I was hoping it was only in the evaluation copy but it sounds like it happens
in the full version as well.

Maybe someone from HIP can confirm.

Kelly the ability to change the font size in HIP is meant to be adjusted to match the best viewing area on your screen. You can definitely make it so large that it won’t fit into all the buttons and such on your screen resolution. What the option allows is you to find the best fit for your screen size and resolution. There’s an article here: http://help.homeinspectorpro.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/33/0/fonts-too-large-or-overlapping-in-program that goes much more into detail on this and how to find the best combo on some of the new high resolution screens.

If you need more help you can definitely give us a call. I’m not on here all day so you’ll get much faster report by calling our support team at 888-750-4777 or jumping on live chat on our site.

Thank you Dominic, I will read up on it.

No problem Kelly. If you need more help just give us a call and we’ll get you setup.