HIP Users, I Need Help

Gentlemen I would like some help please. Dan gave me instructions on how to change themes, but it ran into a dead end. He said go to themes, click on configure, and that took me to a page that I do not understand its functions. I was told that you could 1. Select a theme, (that won’t change your existing) 2. Somehow see this new theme with your existing themes information and 3. Make changes if required. before you change your theme.
This is supposed to be easy? Does anyone have a format on how to do this so I can do again myself when I want?

Are you referring to your website?

Go to the http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/ message board and look for tutorials.

I agree as because if you are asking for help here then you have not logged into the most resource.

The HIP page also has a live chat feature which is easy to use as
have tested it a few times and response is immediate.

Yes my website, No Tutorials on this.

Went and logged in and went to themes, but Domonic does not go into detail.

Online help has been off since yesterday, so thats why I was asking. I will just have to wait. Thanks

The advice was correct as you sign in as administrator then click on themes which brings up a list of all your available templates.

I am going from memory here as I am stepping out but there are two clickable check boxes on the right side of all and you simply click both on the one you wish to view (hit save).
When you go back to home you will see all of your material on the new template.

Sometimes the material does not transfer completely as every them has its own style which may or may not be compatible such as a header which is a different size.

I am always available to help on a Google chat (not the private message system here as that is slow .)

bob has it. Make sure you hit submit at the bottom and reload the page to see your change.