hip vs other on wind mts

I may be wrong but I thought I was taught in a class held b the state a few years ago that you only count the largest of gables to determine if it is a hip or not. Recently it came to light that all gables are counted and added together to determine the 10% rule. Also what about any gable less than 4 feet not being counted.

No all gables are included in the measurements.

“non-hip” feature…

I don’t understand then. Why on the internachi wind mit course does he count all gables?

As Dave pointed out, all gables and any other non-hip feature is added together. That 4’ rule comes out of the My Safe Florida Home program which dealt with gable bracing, not roof shape.

“Total length of non-hip features:”

That is why.

Small gables over front doors do not count. All other non hip features count. Brad is right about the 4’ rule. Also if you do a wind mitigation for liberty mutual they still want a picture of the gable bracing if it present.

They count if they are part of the main roof system.

Exactly what I was going to say. They want any extra pictures they better damn well tell me in advance then be ready to pay. I am trying to get out of the Ins insp stuff. I send most of my stuff to my Pals when out of town Consulting which I am trying to go full time at. Going to hire me a marketing expert :slight_smile: I think. Anyone else do it. She is kind of like a headhunter. I have been loving Consulting from Daytona North on Stucco.