Hippie fantasy baseball league opening

This will be the 4th year for our HIPPIES OF SUMMER competitive fantasy baseball league. It is open to users of Home Inspector Pro software or website hosting.

We have one opening at this time as one manager failed to stay active during the season and keep an active roster. If there is a demand, we could add a total of 3.

This is a competitive league. We have a live draft on Yahoo sports and expect, no, DEMAND, trash talking. The more insults and tall tales
you can tell about The GEEK IN CHIEF, the better. It doesn’t take a lot of time as the rosters only need to be confirmed once a week.

You can even set them up in advance as long as you realize you MUST have active players in each position. If they are on DL, they cannot be on your active roster unless they have a scheduled return date during that particular week.

There are spots on your roster for players on the DL and there are extra bench players that are drafted or traded for as well.

This is a free league although the HIPPIE Fantasy Football league decided to have a side bet of $20 per person. And I greatly appreciate the winnings.


If this league wishes to do the same thing, I will leave that up to the managers. No pressure.

So if you are interested, please write an appropriate trash talking response and you will be considered.

Steve Stanczyk
The Old Man

Is it as boring as real baseball?

It’s much more exciting than real baseball as you get to watch the old man and blue balls fight each other!

Steve forgot to mention, there’s Home Inspector Pro prizes (free cloud service, website hosting, etc) given away to first place. That is, if you can beat me. We don’t give prizes for last place anymore as Steve was always winning them.

Only if you let it be boring.

If it wasn’t so damn busy, I would be in a beach chair on the hill above the center field fence in Peoria right now soaking up some 80 degree weather, working on a tan, drinking beer, eating hot dogs and watching the young bucks trying for a spot on the roster. When the game is over, out to the pool for late afternoon drinks, a bbq and then evening libations. Repeat 5 days in a row. No worries. No pressure. No thinking about work.

Dom, really? You wanna go there?

1st year. Me, first place out of 12 teams. You, 11th and missed playoffs.

2nd year. Me, third place out of 10 teams. You, 9th and missed playoffs.

3rd year. Me, third place out of 10 teams. You, 6th and first time in playoffs.

You should rename your team, Home Gauge. Always finishing behind in a contest with a HIPPIE. Bwahahahaha :mrgreen:

HAHAHA :shock:. Well, at least I’m improving each year :smiley:


Hey now!
That’s blue baseballs to you! And the old man deserves to be slapped around!

That open spot must be why the draft was pushed back a week.

I was set to go on Monday, I had my trash talking notes ready and cold beer in hand.