Hired my first employee

After 8 months of business in sunny FL, I broke down and hired some help. Onward and Upwards as they say. :smiley:

8 months? Isn’t there anyone doing inspections there or just one they’re all tired of?

There is no shortage of competitors in this area. Last count was about 60 alone were members of the local real estate board.
I suspect the county I am in, has roughly 75 to 80 “licensed Inspectors”

Congratulations Sean, I new you would grow. :slight_smile:

Did you hire that babe?

Congrats Sean!

Remember, when you hire your first employee, you triple your problems.

Greg would love to hear more about how you vetted the applicants, assuming there were more than one!

Congratulations Sean!

Congrats, Sean! Go get 'em…:slight_smile:


Remember, your new hire isn’t there just to make money, but to learn from you.

Once they figure out the business and see how much $$$ you make on each inspection, they’ll say F*** it. I’m starting my own inspection company and I plan on advertising to all your loyal realtors.

Bet on it. :shock:

Congrats Sean!

Exponential growth is imminent!

LOL man we got some negative Nancy’s in the room.

Way to go Sean.

Congratulations Sean

Congrats on your rapid success!!Heading down to Florida end of next week for some R&R. Well not sure about how much R&R I’ll get, taking kids to Disney for a few days and then off to my inlaws house on the gulf side for a week.