Hiring a Home Inspector

Threats Tom? What threats would those be? You mean the type of threats legally or suggesting violence? You migh want to clarify what you mean.

I also don’t think its very noble of you to cowar from posting on the Nachi Board, after all Mr. Mullen is a member in good standing. We even let him call people names.

As to my familiarity with the law, perhaps you should read some case law. I know my rights and clearly you and your colleagues have negligently and purposely abused my rights well found in the bylaws, Pr 158, and tort law.

As the President, Secretary CAHPI, and Secretary NCA, you are making and sending conflicting statements.

What commentary can I add to this zinger?

Mr. Lloyd telling me about the bylaws! Now thats funny comming from him.

Hey Claude see what I mean? This is the guy and his directors who have arbitrarily and illegally witheld my right to a fair and open hearing, and denied my membership rights. How can you fairly and honestly convince Nachi members and me that this person who is so high up the chain of command is not in a conflict?

Hey Tommy and anyone else in OAHI who has problems reading the bylaws.

See paragraph 39.


Oh my God! Here is another court case which pretty well sums up what is legal when it comes to membership rights and due process.

Removal of a Director


Mr. Lloyd wishes these comments to be made obviously on his behalf. So here it is as quoted. Its not improper to quote someone, so here it is. Maybe someone can pass this on to Cam Allen.

As to item 7. Thats not true, I went to the Head Office and saw the membership registry. However and there are other OAHI members who are well aware that the BOD stated that in order to see the financial statements they had to go to head office. Well when I was at Head office to see the Registry I asked to see the financial info. I was told it was not available by the OAHI lawyer Mr. Segal. Obviously Mr. Segal was not informed of what was promised to the members. So Mr. Lloyd once again has been caught in a lie. Just as he was caught abusing the bylaws and the bylaws by reporting CHI’s to ASTTBC. He sure pounded his chest on that one only to be shot down with release of ASTTBC position of CHI outside of Ontario. Mr. Lloyd you really need to clean up stories told on behalf of the BOD. Your record speaks for itself. And if you are so sure of the facts please take me to court and we shall see who is telling the truth and lying. Please make sure Mr. Segal is in attendance, I would like to question him on the stand about the goings on within OAHI that he was made aware of.

The above quote is by Mr. Lloyd. Not only were the financials not at head office, nor were the minutes of board meetings as quote by Mr. Lloyd. I only saw the Membership list and it raises questions because they have friends listed as members.

Unfortunately I don’t like to disprove the statements of the opposing party, but it looks like he really has a short memory. :wink:

Mr. Lloyd has not yet fully explained himself. Seems to be more double talk and lack of logical answers.

Rather ironic that he fails to address the denial of due process, contrary to the by-laws. He still seems to think the bylaws empower him to remove other directors from the BOD. We know that the bylaws give powers to remove directors but not in the manner Mr. Lloyd carried it out.

Mr. Lloyd claims he didn’t instruct the CAFE forum administrator to remove the post, she did that on her own accord. Well that sure is strange about her so called indepence because Mr. Lloyds verbal attack is still posted on the site. Yep she sure takes orders well. How come she hasn’t removed it, like all the others? Hmmm.

I understand OAHI has a new Treasurer his name is Brian Harris which leads to the question does he understand the the financial info. I know that the books aren’t right because some of us are working behind the scenes to try and get it corrected, but Mr. Lloyd and his party are not cooperating. The fact of the matter is a number of members took the financial info to their own accountants and those accounts did not like what they read as far as the financial info and how its being explained.

Mr. Lloyd has not explained why he and his Directors and certain committee members have witheld and denied due process.

I am still and RHI, no one has lodged a complaint, no hearings, no trials, the charges were all withdrawn. Why do you suppose that is? If this is the case why would they withold what is not their right to withold?

Once again Claude plows on and ignores the conflicts and the political appointments around him for political gain.

All complaints were dropped due to lack of evidence and the fact that the bylaws restrict the activities of the DPPC and what complaints can be filed, it sure looks like a Witch hunt.

Sure looks like Mr. Lloyd dropped the ball as DPPC Chair before Wayne Christopher took over. Looks like Mr. Lloyd and others were abusing their positions and power, and he still is on a power trip.

Since rules, regulations, techniques and industry standards are subject to change, the NOS is reviewed every 5 years. All home inspectors in the country are invited to contribute their suggestions.
National Occupational Standards – Review
In late 2000, as part of the CHIBO National Initiative, about a dozen well respected and experienced inspectors from across Canada met in Toronto for a full week of meetings to determine exactly what Home Inspectors do when they perform a Home Inspection. What they were trying to establish could be called our ‘Job Description’.
The results of this marathon meeting became known as the National Occupational Standards for Home and Property Inspectors. (NOS) These standards were studied and eventually ratified and adopted by CHIBO and the CAHPI Steering Committee in 2001.
Besides being a job description, the NOS also provided a blueprint for future decisions that would be made by almost all of the committees and councils that have been created as part of the National Certification Program. The NOS are the foundation upon which the entire program is built.
Since rules, regulations, techniques and industry standards are subject to change, it was decided that the NOS would be reviewed every five years to ensure they mirrored actual inspection functions and criteria. Like anything else in life, houses change. For instance, five years ago we hadn’t heard about AFCI devices but now we need to know about them.
CAHPI has therefore contracted a consultant to carry out this review and prepare a report for study and possible adoption by CAHPI later this year.
In the near future, most Canadian Home Inspectors will be contacted through various media to complete a survey and questionnaire. ***This will be an opportunity for every inspector (CAHPI members and non-members) in the country to contribute their suggestions. When you receive the request, please participate so the review can be as thorough and fair as possible.

***For further information contact Bill Mullen by (http://www.nachi.org/forum/). ***
Bill Mullen,RHI
National Certificate Holder #NCA00001
CAHPI Past President
Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 June 2007 )

Ray most members know that the OAHI Directors do not and have not follow the rules .
They Changed the rules on their own, half way through my appeal , spent about $30,000;00+ fighting my appeal .
When it was proved under oath at my appeal how they had lied and fudged the books I won five for me and zero for OAHI.
I then went after them for my costs and the day before we went to small Claims court they settled with me.
Some of the directors sent out letters saying how I had lied and cheated to get my RHI.
I launched a charge against a director in 2004 and was told they where extremely busy and would get to it as soon as possible.
Three years and still this has not been dealt with .
What does that tell you about OAHI.
I have copies of many things they did wrong in the past and I expect 2007 is no difference.
I do hope some day to see some of these directors on a stand under oath, strange how they squirm when they have to tell the truth.

Roy Cooke


That charge against David Hellyer has been buried, ignored, thrown out, deleted, voided, destroyed.

I was there when he stood up and called you a liar, that was unprofessional and uncalled for. They trumped up your charges all based on animosities. Even Bill Mullen sat on his hands at BOD meeting I attended and did not come to your aid. Bill likes to think he is special but anyone else he will do you in.

Terry Carson and Andrew Bennett have illegally and negligently witheld my upgrade so I could not run for the BOD at the AGM. They did the same thing with Claude to prevent him from upgrading so he could run for election.

Yes a big fat forensic audit of OAHI, including the election ballots. Like the financial info they have been rigged.

Mr. Lloyd quotes the following…

Tom if you hadn’t read the Nachi site you would not have known about the link, because your original post didn’t have it. Your spy in Nachi should learn to read and provide proper info.

Mr. Lloyd why are you allowed to make posts which run contrary to the Forum rules? You sure have pull, and what about all the other bylaws you have broken?

If you wish to come here and read and post, please be man enough to debate here on this forum. Many OAHI members come here to get the news you have been negligent in providing.

Anything else you want posted Tom, just let me know, you need all the help you can get! :wink:


Do you mean Terry Carson from CarsonDunlop and Andrew Bennett from OAHI?

This Terry Carson. No relation to Carson Dunlop.


This Andrew Bennett


Admissions Review Committee / Board of Examiners OAHI

Andrew Bennett
Terry Carson
Andrew Dixon
Glenn Gogal
Carl D. Inglis
Andrew Radomski
Doug Silverthorn


Any word on licencing in Quebec or the National?

I copied-pasted-sent to them. Good catch Marcel.

Nothing to date from my end.