Hiring a Second Inspector?

Looking for advice on hiring a second inspector. I’m fairly new but did 250 inspections in my first year and on target for 350+ in my second year. I’m a former contractor with 20+ years of construction experience. I’m considering hiring a second inspector. I already have a good person in mind for this who has some industry experience. I am trying to figure out the pay scale and curious how other firms pay additional inspectors. How much are you paying additional inspectors? Do you give a percentage or bonus for that person bringing in new customers/realtors? Benefits? Company vehicle? Looking to be a small inspection firm with 2-6 inspections as we grow, not a big franchise.

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Ryan, others will chime in but consider asking your insurance agent(s). They are in the know much of the time. :smile:

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Try this: How to Start a Multi-Inspector Firm


Thanks, Ian, I forgot about that.

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Ian thanks for the info I will look into that.

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Happy to help!

Larry thanks that’s a good idea about asking the insurance company. I will do that.

Any time sir!

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Thank you for the links. It would help me too.

Quickoff topic question for you if you don’t mind. How were you able to successfully market your business? I am new to this field and I am struggling a little bit.

It can be tough the first year. I used a combination of a few different things. First, I am a retired contractor with 20 years experience so I had a good head start on the knowledge base which allowed me to focus on building the business instead of reading a textbook. I spent money on advertising both online and in some local real estate magazines. I used HomeAdvisor for a while but have mostly dropped them now. HA did allow me to get a lot of positive reviews very quickly which helped me get established. Most of my business has been direct to buyer and I do not market to realtors. Most of the realtors who ask me to do inspections are ones whose buyers used me and then they saw that I did a good job and then shared my info with other buyers and realtors. I do not go to realtors offices at all. I’m not interested in having the third candy bowl at the office. Lol I am a firm believer that our duty is to the buyer alone. Good agents know this. Unfortunately most agents are not good agents ethically. And most are part timers. I would say maybe only 10-15% are good ethical agents who are smart enough to use a great inspector who will find everything and not get them sued. I typically have 75-100 page reports on average and cover myself well. I live in a very busy market which also helps. I have been able to help many buyers avoid some bad properties and I have done multiple inspections for many buyers until they found the right place. If you do a good job and spend a little on advertising you will see a big jump in year two. I also do almost every ancillary service there is so I am able to get my average price point up by providing additional services. Realtors and buyers like this because you can be the one guy who does everything and they don’t have to go to the house 5 times. Think about it like this: if you offer ancillary services you will often have single inspections over $1,000. How many inspections do you have to do each month if you can make $1,000 each? Not nearly as many as you do when you only do the main inspection for $350 or $400. Depends on the market too, but a Big difference.


Thank you Mr Schmidt! I am going take everyone’s advice and reevaluate myself.

Theodore, talk to:

Ian M. Robertson, CMI

4 posts above your last post here. He is a whiz at marketing.


Mr Ian, how are you doing this holiday? Mr Larry Kage point me in your direction to help me with some ideas marketing my business. I am new to the home inspection industry 5months. However, I have 9 years of auditing and inspecting the Nuclear power industry. Ive only done 12 inspections. 4 were realtor referrals the other 8 were from me hitting the ground running ie. Home shows, google driving around town with my magnets. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Hey, happy to help. There are more marketing tips than I can enumerate here, but check out my blog and download our e-book at fullviewdigital.com - I lay out everything I have ever done for marketing there. For just starting out, if you aren’t inspecting - you should be marketing. Treat it like your job and make a schedule. Like Monday, 9-12: cold call RE offices, 12-1: lunch with an agent, etc. Do that 8 hours a day (include Sundays or Saturdays for visiting open houses). Market HARD using everything on my blog and in the ebook


thanks for the info included in the topic, guys)thinking now about asking my insurance agent

Ian, I want to thank you for all of the information/ advice that you have provided to me. I have been doing everything that you have mention here except for reading your e-book. I have downloaded your e-book and will incorporate into my daily regiment. Thank you

Theadore - thank you very much for saying that! I am always happy to help, and I hope that info gives you a great boost

Helpful advice!!