Hiring Inspectors with CPI only

I am interested in hiring another inspector to perform home inspections for my company on a percentage basis. Is is legal in Fla for a InterNACHI CPI to work under my HI license? All the reports would be performed under my existing Spectora inspection software and I would review all reports prior to publishing them. The CPI would be covered under my Insurance.
I am having a hard time up here in Northwest Fla finding a HI inspector that would work with me on a percentage basis.

Thank you in advance for you comments.

Not a lot of input one can give without the specifics of your offer to inspectors. Saying ‘a percentage’ is vague. What is the percentage you are offering? Are you taking their experience into account? I would think the lower the percentage the less time they will devote to the inspection… lower wages gets lower quality.
Just a couple of thoughts without any specifics.

Robert, thank you for responding.
The percentage would be based on experience. If the individual is capable of performing inspections with minimal oversight 50/50 or 40/60 % of all inspection fee performed each day. They will have no responsibility for the operations of the business.

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Sounds pretty good for someone not wanting to only inspect if they are in the right place financially and you have are established to support expansion. I’m in Tampa and not interested but am idling through today’s inspection as I respond and trying to help you get some basic info out there so you can get some responses.

Think of the questions you would have and answer those in your post. I think you will need to provide an average price of your inspections or at least a starting price for your company. An average number of inspections you have now and what you expect to have with a worker bee to help after you get comfy with them on the team. Is it 1099 or W2, health insurance or God’s Grace, provide tools or bring your own flashlight, provide vehicle or ride your own bike.

I think if you are a FABI member you can post a listing on the FABI website and maybe get more responses.

Good luck

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Sounds as if you want a qualified but unlicensed person to perform inspections under your license. I’m not in Florida, but that may not fly for two reasons. First you want an individual not qualified by the state to perform the actual inspection (without a licensr) and secondly you would then issue a report under your license about an inspection you did not physically perform or even attend. Doesn’t even smell legit.

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Bob nailed it.
No license to perform home inspections period.

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I agree, I just need to keep searching for another HI


I believe the license is for an individual not the business. So I would say no it is not allowed.
If you only had to license the business then I would say yes.

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They need their own license.
Adding another inspector to your insurance is pretty easy. They need a Spectora account under yours, they can not use your account. That is $69 a month.

Be careful with splits. Sure 50% sounds fair until you realize you have to pay payroll taxes on that.
And then tools, shirts, workman’s comp insurance, etc.

It’s easy to end up paying an inspector to the point you make nothing off their jobs if you’re not careful about overhead.

I have 6 inspectors on staff. All W2 employees. But I don’t pay splits.

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There is no provision within the Florida licensing law that I know of for an unlicensed individual to legally inspect homes in Florida without first being licensed by the state. Home inspector license does not equal a general contractor’s license.

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