Hiring my daugter in law

I am trying to justify hiring my daughter in law…since I am not a big fan of just handing money out:)

I am trying to come up with some jobs she can perform to earn her money, so far I have:

Answering the phone
Writing thank you notes
Keeping social media sites up to date

I am hoping some of you with secretaries can give me some advice on things they do to stay busy during the day.

Why not take her with you to write the reports. Lots of guys are doing it.

I am thinking of eventually bringing her on and doing the actual inspections if she does take a liking to it, after a lot of training of course.

She also has a daughter at home who doesn’t start school for a couple of years so that would give her time to do some “book learnin’”:mrgreen:

Family and business RARELY mix well.

Do Not Do it.

My Father and I were the exception. I ran his Biz as if it were my own. I was his VP and he was mine.

Damn I miss him :frowning:

Most of the time it does not work out well as those taken in feel entitled.

women are probably better at dealing with RE’s than men. Maybe let her go to
Re offices and hand out flyers, business cards, talk to agents, etc.

I was thinking of that, Michael.

I believe in snail mail (USPS) and postage stamps.

Mail, mail, and mail some more.

Mail gets through and gets read. Most email doesn’t.

Hi Daves Daughter in law,you are great at writing in the third person.
Could have sworn Dave wrote this post.
What is your name ?

“Answering the phone
Writing thank you notes
Keeping social media sites up to date”

Think hard. You do not want to ruin a family relationship. Grandkids as pawns etc…

That’s funny Bob.

Meeker, I meant I thought the same thing that Clark said…I have no problem dis-owning her if she steps out of line.

Is she the mother of your grandkid/kids?

My wife and I have worked together for over 40 years and had our kids have worked with us many times .
We all get along great and my kids have more knowledge and experience then many others do .
There biggest concerns has been their partners not having the ability and knowledge they have .
Example my daughter is the one who looks after then cars she does brakes exhaust and has more wood working equipment then many others have .
She can paint folk art and has a sewing machine that costs over $4,000;00.
All My kids can shoot hunt fish fix a boat build a deck do plumbing .
Hire your daughter in law this could be great experience for you and her.


Let me get this out of the way. I respect your opinions more than just about all others here.


You must remember a child’s mother decides who the child see and spends time with.

How on earth could it be worth that risk?

I have seen a great many grandparents completely stopped from having any contact with their grandchildren.

There is nothing a grandparent can do to stop it and most often the child’s father will side with the one who gives him the goodies at night.

I am almost outside the box compared to how others thnk but I see the world differently than most.

I say if there are no grand kids involved and NO POSSIBILITY of them then go ahead hire her but if there is it CANNOT be worth the risk.

Women use children as PAWNS as disgusting as it seems and guys do to but do not have the same power as the women.

I have a Daughter and as much as I love her I could not imagine the joy of having grandchildren and one screw up with mommy and you are done.

Consider it and do know that you cannot do ANYTHING to forcea mother let her children spend time with you.

You have way more to lose than you could possibly gain. Just watch any of the assinine talk shows I have been seeing during my duration on the couch. It happens constantly. Most often it is daughters telling Mom’s that if they do not do or act as they wish then they do not get to see the grand-kids.

SICK, SAD but totally true.

Please consider my opinion for your own sake. I wish you the best of luck whatever you choose.

Some people are good workers, some are not. If she has a work ethic and does the job, you are golden.

IF however, she sees the job as an excuse to not have to really work hard or takes time off because she thinks she can…and you feel the need in the future to let her go (FIRE) her, it can disrupt a relationship with your son and as others have said, possible grandchildren.

Not something I would be willing to do.

Just not worth the risk.

You would be better off just giving her money instead of a job if she needs the help that bad.

I’m with Roy on this one. It’s a precious opportunity.

My son did well in High School. He crushed his SAT with nearly a perfect score. He is an Eagle Scout. He got accepted to one of the hardest engineering schools to get into.

But then he came to me one day and said “Dad, I’m not going to college, at least not yet. I want to do something else first.” I had no idea what he was going to suggest. The military? A rock band? Peace Corps? He said “Dad, I want to come work for you for a while.” WHAT!???

That was 5 years ago. Since then we’ve gotten into all kinds of enterprises together. He’s a better businessman than I’ll ever be and it has been so much fun!

Fear is the devil’s tool. Think positively.

“Fear is the devil’s tool. Think positively”

Best quote I have heard all morning!

Congrats the Father & Son bond can be a great one.

the OP situation is a little different and blood is thicker than water.

I think you also have the ability to give him a great many opportunities that most folks cannot provide. Did he ever get a degree?

I have been giving her/them money.

I figure she/they would feel better about themselves if they feel like they are earning the money instead of “borrowing” the money.

I’m sure most people feel that their kids are not the vindictive types and would not hold their grandkids hostage but I’m pretty sure these ones aren’t, 1. our grandkids like us better:mrgreen: 2. I’m pretty sure our kids like the break when the grandkids come over and 3. if she does not work out there would be no hard feelings they would probably just go back to “borrowing” money and doing without some of the extras again.

Thanks for the replies.

I would love it if my son wanted to join me later on.

Right now he is in high school (11th grade) and his plans are to attend college for civil engineering. I would/have never pressured him to do something that I wanted him to do, he knows that it is his life and his dreams and he knows he has my backing whichever roads he chooses…but if he did want to work with me that would be awesome:D