Hiring my daugter in law

Dave, it sounds like you have made up your mind. I just wanted you to know what can and does happen on a daily basis.

I wish you the best of luck and hope it works out well.

I would be in an even worse bind than I am in now if it were not for the help I am receiving from my Mother.

The thing is we CANNOT work together and have never been able to. When my father passed away we tried but it just did not work out. We see the world differently and the difference between her and my Father is that although my Father and I also saw the world differently we had a mutual respect for each others opinions. Unfortunately my Mother and I do not have that type of relationship. Thank goodness we have her as she is the last remaining grandparent and watching her and my little one together brings tears to my eyes :slight_smile: in a happy way.

Actually Mike, my mind was made up when I made the OP. What I was looking for was some daily tasks that I could have her do for me.

I do appreciate the feedback though.

I got laid off one winter before I starting home inspecting, and went to work for my older brother. He was 29 and I was 24. We had days were no one step between us, we seen things differently on a few subjects, I worked for him for 5 years. It always came down to one thing, at 4 o’clock we were still brothers. For the first 3 1/2 years it was just the two of us, then the company grew enormously and sold in the fifth year. In that last year and half, it was because of him I could make the company I have today.

Moral of the story…make it clear, business is business and family is family. At the end of the day you can’t change that.

Char and I had a great girl who worked for us for many years .
She said I have never met two people like you.

You can have an disagreement and go at it like two cats in a bag and in 20 seconds it is over and you carry on with no hard feelings the air is clear.
What a great way to be .

I said we have told each other out feelings she knows I am an idiot and I have told her what I think of her .
End of difficulties .
Has worked well for us 58 years married.

What about having her proofread the reports? It’s a good way for her to learn what you do, and it makes you look good if she catches any typos or mistakes.

marketing. bringing donuts to agent offices. talk about how wonderful the old father in law is!

No. But I respect his path. He’ll never go hungry at least. One busy kid.

starting life without 100k in student loans isnt such a bad way to go…

Yep. Especially when there are employers like me who look specifically for applicants who don’t have a college education. I like to think I hire right, and I pay very well. My people are the very best and I treat them accordingly.

I hired Chris Morrell when he was age 15. That was 16 years ago. Luckily, I didn’t let his lack of formal education dissuade me from hiring him. Today he’s InterNACHI’s CEO.

My girl comes with me at times and I love it. She takes down all the serial and model numbers opens windows for me sets Radon you get the idea speeds up the process having a helper for sure. She’s a RN though and that’s her passion so I’m not having much luck talking her out of that to come with me all the time lol.

How old is she Billy?

I went that rout also and got my Florida Licensed General Contractors License.

One of my main regrets is that I do not now have a degree to use in search of a new job. Who would have thought a Florida G.C. would have a hard time making a living especially with all the contacts I had between myself and my Father. Boy was I wrong.

I wish everyday he was still alive because he was the only person I could go to for advice or run ideas by and I know he always only gave me his opinions based on what he thought would be best for me. I no longer have a person in my life like that and I sure miss it.

Enjoy working with your Son. I did enjoy the relationship I had with my Dad, I just did not realize how much until he was gone.

One quick swoop Friend, Mentor, Hunting , Fishing and partying buddy gone.

Cancer Sucks.

Tim, InterNACHI’s Chief Software Engineer, has never set foot in a school. Not H.S., not Junior High, not Kindergarten… nothing.

I like that idea, thanks.

Way to go Chris!