Hiroshima 68 years after we dropped the atomic bomb on it.


Detroit, Michigan housing project today:




Big difference in society and upbringing.

… and government.

That’s what you get when you allow politicians to buy your vote by promising you things paid for with other people’s money.

All of America will look like Detroit soon

Waiting for that one however government is result
of the people living there.

Also remeber not a single building in that town is as old as the one in Detroit you pictured.

Take away all that brick spalling and you have old open winows with a laundry line.
Does Japan have open windows and laundry lines ?
Hard to tell from an airplane view…:slight_smile:

Nothing “the bomb” can’t fix. We can start with a clean slate :smiley:

What you all forget what it looked like before the bomb. Loosing side always gets rebuilt by the winning side. Food for thought

True…and in the future Conservatives will fix Detroit.

Why start now they ignored it all these years .:shock: They too busy buying their BMW’s

Be positive Wayne! “Yes We Can”:wink:

LOL Positive? you forget what we do for a living lolololol.

Oh Yeah! LOL

They are a single nationality…its like having a country of the friends and family that you cooperate with to be successful.

We have the technology and know how…we Rebuilt japan…we could Rebuild Detroit…

This is an idea…All trades in demand in the economy should be
installed in middle school and high school…

We used to have this America and it really made good qualified people.

In the inner city like a Detroit…the kids have college or selling drugs as an option…very few are qualified for college.

How about introducing a Home Inspector school? In the inner city?

It would be very successful !!!


I like it. Too many kids go into debt earning a degree in philosophy which is useless.

Doesn’t Japan have a single payer health care system?

Or earning any degree. I had a client a few day’s ago, a student at University of Cincinnati, in the medical field, getting a 4 year degree, $240,000.00.

My opinion of formal education may be biased… what with me being a self-educated dropout. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Mr. Gromicko!!!

Happy to say…with the Help of Nachi, I have been employed as a Home Inspector for over 7 years. As bad as the economy has been at times…I have always had work.