HI's as quality control critics.

I just left a comment on the Inspector Brotherhood page about a home inspector who didn’t like the quality of a roof installation. He didn’t say anything about if it were leaking or not.

When I was still contracting a home inspector inspected the home next door to where I was doing a rotten roof decking replacement on the porch of a 75 year old home. The hand framed roof had sunk (bowed) in one area. I did my replacement and reshingled, new flashing where needed and no tar or caulk. This “Hero” talked to my customer and said he would have sistered all the rafters on the hip roof so it would be flat. Yeah? Any monkey can do that and we can double the price for a close to perfect job which my client would have thought I was ripping her off.

When did the standards of practice change to home inspectors judging the quality of the work? Gap in the crown molding, crooked floor tile, paint drips now go into inspection reports?

Between giving away free widgets and acting as quality control engineers shouldn’t we start to double our prices?

Ha ! Good luck with that. I’m above the fray down here due to over 30 years with the same name - recognition. :slight_smile:

That’s well worded Marc. Good stuff and better than a disclaimer.

There is no limit to the SOP, so long as the inspector is qualified and competent in what he undertakes (too many fail to attain this for the basics) and delivers to the expectations he creates. Insinuating oneself into the relationship between a contactor and his client, uninvited, when he has no business with the property or either involved party is obnoxious and unwelcome, to say the least.

Well said Chuck.
I am getting tired of reading comments by inspectors who do free thermal scans and offer free this and that. Then they buy $150 flashlights and $300 Infrared cameras and think its all good. On top of that is putting personal opinions over industry standards. I’m seeing a lot of that lately and all this does is cause confusion and unrealistic expectations with consumers.

I’m just a crabby old **** lately I guess.

Well, yeah, you are, but that’s not the problem. :mrgreen:
Do yourself a favor, stay away from the Inspector Brotherhood FB group. It is nothing but a bunch of crybaby, whiny, newbie, snowflakes that start crying if you look at them wrong. Say ‘boo’ and they kick you out of the group for hurting someones feelings. Somehow, they feel that they are the home inspector Police with the authority to force contractors to fix problems or stop work until repairs are made to that inspectors demands! To make it worse, it is admin’ed and moderated by some of the worse ‘wanna be’ inspectors out there, who support these cockamamy assertions and whose only goal in life is to look important.
Oh, did I mention the scumbag vendors and their spy’s that hang out there?
Ok… E’nuff of that, you get my point.:twisted:

Choose your FREE poison :wink:
Free Inspector Brotherhood Member Package

What no condoms? :lol:

So Jeff, what’s your opinion of the Inspector Brotherhood? :mrgreen:

Considered to be one prereq that we almost all have in common.

Makes a good Inspector want to join just for the entertainment value of reading the posts! :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, it is simply a tier below the “InterNachi Inspector Group”, but they are quickly becomming indistinguishable from each other.

Before anyone get’s all pissy for me dissing InterNachi… The aforementioned IS NOT an official InterNachi group. It was created by an inspector long before NIck could grab ahold of it, thus InterNachi’s endorsement and support of the IB (Inspector Brotherhood)!

Note: For the moment, I am currently a member of the InterNachi group, and I have been kicked out of the ‘Brotherhood’ about three times. I receive updates on shenanigans from other inspectors still active there. Totally unbelievable what goes on over there. Disgraceful would be a better term.

You must not have been very Brotherhoodly?

Sounds more like an ego stroking group.

Reminds me of when I was a contractor and I joined NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. I was a supporter of the ideals set forth by the group.

Then Service Magic and Home Deport and the BBB became corporate sponsors, the exams were cut in half so more certifications could be sold and quite a few of the presidents were total slimeballs who looked professional in a suit.

Its just a good ol boys club these days with some very good members and plenty of snake oil salesmen.

I think JJ’s comment about their “only goal in life is to look important” hits the nail on the head. The easiest thing in the world is to badmouth another man’s work, and its all some inspectors seem to be able to do.

Paul you forgot to mention Brotherhood is a Face Book page. I do not see you in the Inspector FB community at all unless you are a lurker but if you get around that social network would find some of the other groups make fun of Brotherhood because it has ridiculous Newbie stuff and allows Vendors to roam wild and insult those not finding value in their services.

Bob, I post very little in that group but I do post. It does seem to center on preaching best practices many of which have little to do with inspecting. My marketing says “No drama”, drama is big at the IB Facebook page.

If the people posting stupid questions would take that time and dig up the answers themselves they would learn. Everyone wants to take the easy way now and get upset when they are told to look it up for themselves They need to find a good mentor to help them work through a problem not just an answer.

The Brotherhood. Ha, ha. Ho, ho.