HI's in Kansas will soon all be out of business

And, this can be carried on to other states. These new Kansas home inspection laws allow this. Roofers, electricians, are all here doing free inspections, so they can get “business” off of the buyers and home owners.

Free Plumbing Service For Home Sellers

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RAYTOWN, Mo. – One company is making it easier for homeowners facing a tough time selling their humble abode.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing is offering homeowners who can not afford to pay for plumbing repairs the chance to do a checkup.

The company is offering the chance for a technician to use a video camera to determine the condition of the pipes.

If technicians find no signs of cracked, crushed or misaligned pipes or root intrusion problems, they can give homeowners a letter that states their findings.

If you do not want the free checkup, the company is offering some ways you can check your plumbing for yourself.

  • Examine all faucets to make sure none drip.

  • Open cabinet doors and check under sinks for leaks.

  • Look for rust and corrosion on sinks as well as pipes.

  • Flush toilets to make sure they do not run continually after tank is ful l.

  • Make sure debris clears from the bowl after flushing the toilets.

  • Inspect the base of toilets for signs of water damage or soft floors.

  • Fill sinks and bathtubs with water and then drain to ensure good drain flow.

  • Run garbage disposal and dishwasher to make sure they work properly.

  • Turn water supply valves on and off to test for leaks.

  • Check the first four digits of the water heaters serial number (they are the month and year it was made). Make sure it isnt more than 10 years old.

  • Inspect the water meter and observe a small dial which spins when any amount of water moves through the system. This will detect even small amounts of water loss.


Contractors have been offering service check inspection for years already.

Are documents provided for real estate transactions and buyers?

The Kansas law allows any contractor to look at up to 2 components without being considered a home inspection.

This type of thing is common in almost any licensure state I know of.

The A/C guy can check the heat and A/C; the plumber can check the plumbing; the roofer can check the roof; the electrician can check the electrical system; etc; etc. They don’t need to be home inspectors.

Most buyers, sellers, lenders, etc will not take the time or spend the money to schedule 8-9 specialists.

One other thing - They were here long before us

Kansas is going to turn into an all-out marketing race. The home inspectors who are best at marketing will get all the work. How does this help the consumer?

With fewer real estate brokers and agents recommending home inspections to their clients, there are fewer “consumers”. Numbers are in the single digit mark when comparing last year’s inspections to this year.

Where do inspectors get the most work who market the worst?

Delivering for the local pizza shop. If you are in a state where your state has declared you all equally licensed and has issued you and your competitors (be you veterans or newbies) the exact same credential… you’d better learn to distinguish yourself on your own, and fast. First marketing punch usually wins shortly after licensing is adopted.

I think those who “market the best” will do well anywhere,
even newbies who are marketing in Texas (where licensing
has been in place for decades) during a slow market.


The man in this video would do well anywhere. The presence
or absence of licensing would not affect this man because
of his ability to communicate.

Those who market poorly, will do poorly anywhere, as well.

In the last 60 days, I have delivered over 4,000 flyers to RE offices; advertized in hand-outs, church bullentins, and RE books that are placed in grocery stores. Heck, I have even been advertising on radio, and in TV ads in cooperation with the Better Business Bureau. July of 2008, did 55 inspections. July 2009, I did 13. This tells me that either other inspectors are low-balling, or RE are tired of hearing me complain about new licensing laws through this message board, and suggesting to their buyers about “free” checks through contractors. Perhaps my inspections are too detailed; I may give the buyer too much information about maintenance; perhaps I just have bad breath, or the economy is worse than the media and others say.


Did you use the same marketing materials last year, when you did 55?

My 2 new marketing slogans are going to attract a lot of sellers, agents, etc.

I’ll simply copy a large Fortune 500 Company’s motto on the 1st one.

1) "30 minutes or its FREE"

The 2nd one came from a comment by a National talk show RE Trainer / GURU

2) "We do our reports in pencil. If you don’t like what we say - change it"

YEP - I think those are real winners … Should increase business a lot!