Histioplasmosis: looking for information

Histioplasmosis is a fungal infection contracted by crawling around where there is feces in the soil (read:crawlspaces). All the links I find are way too complicated. Does anyone have a good link explaining this disease?

Wow you sure found a good one it sounds like very few cases in North America. I could only find two cases sorry .

Roy Cooke

My daughter got that by playing in a sand box. 3 doctor’s misdiagnosed her said it was apolecia. Only medication can cure it an internal anti-fungal pill.
The infected area develops a crust if it is on the scalp it looks like a skull cap and is really hideous looking. If not treated can cause permanent damage.


Will these sites work:





Good links Steve, thanks.
I’ve read that a large part of the population of the Ohio valley and of the great central valley in CA are infected but show no sypmtoms. I get sick fairly easily and wondered whether my years in construction had exposed me or if I’d picked up something in a crawlspace.

My aplogies I jumped the gun. My daughter got infected by a fungal infection due to feces. I never knew the name and assummed it was histioplasmosis, when you mentioned the feces fungal thing.
Again my humblest apologies.

Things to think about have you had your tetanus shot.
How about now is close to thinking about your flue shot .
Did you know there is a shot for Pneumonia two types one preventable

I believe there is hepatitis shot to think about Will be in to see my Doc on Friday . Will add more next week .
Yes I have have had my tetanus and Pneumonia Flue shortly
Also there is a serious infection from Bat dung I wear a mask in all attics

Roy Cooke