History of GFCI development

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I love the history of common everyday things all the more so if they relate to our profession. the following is a link to a great article on Mike Holts site

All about Professor Dalziel and the GFCI

All Mike’s newsletters

Probably the best electrical site around; www.mikeholt.com



"using unique methods of persuasion" :-k I can see it now “All students who went drinking last night please step forward” :lol: [/FONT]


If you haven’t allready, try wathcing a series called Connections or the sequel Connections 2 by Jame Burke (He’s British but you can still understand himlaugh31.gif) A very interesting series.

He also does a series called The Day the Universe Changed which is also good.

I think I posted that… Anyway yes I am a instructor who uses mike’s material and his vision for electrical is great.