Hit-it PRO offers InterNACHI members a deal.

Hit-it Pro | Professional Home Inspection Software

Another HIP.
By design?

IMO… Absolutely! Scummy Vendor practices!!

I agree. I bet having the same acronym wasn’t by accident. I also see it’s another monthly service, that would have you paying 10 times what it’s worth in the end.

Suking up all of Dominic’s Google SEO juice that he cultivated for over 10 years!

Dom may well have a legal case with this one.

Sample report is nothing special but then again, there are some really good programs out there to compare.
First thing I thought was HIP as an acronym does have value and it would be hard to believe that was done by accident since the first thing you do when creating a new product is research the competition.

There was another newbie software company a couple of years ago trying the same BS, only more blatently. I think they went with HIP-Home Inspection Professional… or something such. Dominic was informed but I don’t recall his reaction.

They gone right ?
Need you say more ?

Notice no owner here to talk about his amazing product that will rock our worlds …LOL

Where’s the Opt Out button? :roll:

What a scumbag move.

I also looked at the sample report. That report is nothing special. Certainly not worth the 20 bucks a month. When compared to the real HIP and Homeguage, this guy will be out of business in a month. A real sleazeball move. I hope Dominic sues the pants off of him.

They were sent a cease and desist as Home Inspection Pro was WAY too similar to Home Inspector Pro and violated our trademark. Maybe I should have trademarked HIP too :roll:

What they did will hurt them more than help.

In their defense. The letters H.I. are used by many as is the word “PRO.”

In your defense Dominic, you don’t need a trademark to protect HIP. Long before we got “Certified Master Inspector” registered on the principal register, I successfully sued people who called themselves CMIs or Master Inspectors using only our common law rights. Your Dad is an attorney, no? He would likely know about common law rights. Yes, now that we have Certified Master Inspector on the principal register it’s much easier as a registered mark protects itself and the space around it, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have a case.

Maybe give them a call and ask them to additionally twist their name a bit. If they truly plan on doing well, they should desire the separation as much as you.

My dad, my two brothers, two cousins, uncles, etc. I really wish someone in my family would have done something useful and become a doctor, contractor, landscaper, etc. LOL!

I haven’t seen this new company before but it doesn’t look like they’re trying to use HIP right now.