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Short video of a home inspector who incompetently thinks he knows what ‘9 out of 10’ leaky basements is DUE TO, thinks he knows what 9 out of 10 basement walls that have efflorescence and-or mold etc on some blocks is DUE TO.

If you own a house and have a leaky area in basement as in the video or are selling a house or your buying a house that has a leaky area and-or has x-amount of mold or efflorescence on parts of the basement wall and you paid a home inspector to check it out and he/she said anything like this HI did in video, you got bullshtted, misled, misinformed by a home inspector who is not an expert on this subject and does not know w t f he/she is talking about and YOU will get burned if you listen to this kind of incompetent ‘tip’.

See the discoloration on blocks?
See the efflorescence etc on blocks?
See the water?

IT…has NOTHING to do with what this home inspector said (and unfortunately many other HI’s also tell homeowners). He said, ‘9 out of 10 times the discoration/mold/efflorescence and leak is caused by POOR DRAINAGE on the outside of the house’.
Total incompetence on this subject and any home inspector who tells sellers/buyers this nonsense is hurting their clients, damn fkg straight.

Let’s see which Nachi member chimes in and starts talking shtt, again.
Some of these moron inspectors think they know all there is on this subject and are friggin waaaaaaaaaaay off and need to lose that inspection fee and quite possibly get that AZZ… sued! Negligent mfrs!

Here are 2 short video’s on what homeowners SHOULD BE told, what should be explained to them when they have/see some efflorescence or mold etc on some blocks inside their stupid basement… and, what NEEDS to be done to STOP the water and prevent further mold/efflorescence etc
INSIDE the dumb azz basement… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ed0bzTBTR4

And these blocks are not anywhere close to having the amount of efflorescence etc on 'em as in this first video/the HI video

OUTSIDE, as usual, what you see on the exterior of basement walls and above ground were WHY and WHERE water, salts entered into the hollow-blocks and the salts eventually dried on some of the interior blocks and, why there was a little mold on some blocks. Had NOTHING to do with POOR DRAINAGE, dumb azz’z!!!

Homeowners, man, loooooooooooool, many of you are getting lied to, misled, misinformed by…manY!!! If you are local, in MI and have been told this ridiculous bullshtt story by a home inspector then if you like, call my old azz, I will help you for free. In fact, I don’t give a shtt where you live, if you want some help, call. This dumb ignorant, negligent bullshtttt has to stop.

Just finished arguing with somebody about water issues,client walked away from the home. Freshly painted basement moisture meter off the chart. They wanted to paint the inside with waterproof paint. I insisted that it needed to be repaired on the outside. Keep up to good post and fight .

Mr. Wayne,

Then i, as a licensed, honest basement waterproofing contractor give you sir, much credit for being honest, smart and direct with your client. Homeowners need MANY MORE home inspectors like you, that ain’t no shttt.

In case some knotheads here hadn’t noticed (or simply do not care), i am more than fkg tired of sellers/buyers getting bullshtt’d by, many others such as some home inspectors, some city inspectors, some realtors and MANY interior basement system companies. Yep, many good decent law fk me abiding citizens have been, still are getting shtt upon, lied to, cheated by this crooked, negligent mfrs, TIRED of it!!!

Had the client known w t f i know about this subject, they should have given you a tip $ and-or, refer you to anyone they know who is looking to sell/buy a house