Hoe reliable does the public perceive Angie's List to be?

How relevant is this thing?

How not Hoe …

Yep, but I forgot how to edit the thread title.

maybe if I delete my post you can delete yours then bingo

Angie interviewed me once: http://www.nachi.org/angieslist2008.htm

She has since sold Angie’s List.

First you have to learn to spell…LOL …

I’m tired of their constant requests to review businesses I have never dealt with.

Their pricing structure also sucks. They act as if coverage areas don’t overlap.

I had a bad experience (as a Contractor) with Angies List. A flat out lie was posted about me & my company (4 years after the inspection) & even after I proved to them it was a lie they refused to remove the negative post. So I told them to remove my company & refund my $2,700.00 I paid them, because I refuse to be listed on a website that allows lies to be floated, hurting businesses & do nothing about them.

John O had the same experience…