Hole in steel I beam

So some people won’t put it in the report and some people want to make a huge deal out of it.

Thanks guys. I am going a middle route on this one.

is the cup half empty or half full. lol
I know what i would do if you see no existing problem that beam is stronger than a wood beam . How ever it is your name on the report. I do know one thing i bet if a engineer looks at it it will be fine and your client will 400.00 poorer .

I completely agree but I still feel like it should at least be in the report. I am not writing it up as a significant defect but just making my clients aware of it.

Good idea for sure.
I beam has been modified no documentation available if modifications were done by engineer specifications . No apparent problems existing . recommend inquiring with owner or builder on how modification was done.

Roy is talking through his hat again.