Holes in the floor?

Inspected this home 3 weeks ago. Photos are in the lower level in front of the fireplace. Floor was carpeted and very wet at time of inspection. Roof leak was noted around the chimney but not enough for this kind of water. Pulled the carpet back in front of the fireplace and noticed 4 holes drilled in the concrete floor. Three weeks later, new roof complete and the new owner removes the carpet to find a total of 15 holes in this room and every time it rains water seeps up from below the concrete to saturate the floor. Anyone have any ideas why anyone would do this?

Owner is not blaming me, I went back to explain electrical issues he wanted fixed, but this is one for the books.

I have no idea why those holes are there but, as you mentioned water seeping up through those holes shouldn’t happen if the sump system/foundation drainage is working effectively.

1960 ranch with walk out basement. No sump installed, so probably no foundation drainage either. Water could be coming in from a stone flower box at the front of the home. Owner is going to cover the box to see if that helps next time it rains.

Could be many reasons. Could be old mud-jack holes, termite treatment holes. What Linas said. Check all exterior areas/guttering/terracing outside. I have also seen underground water line leaks under slabs.

Looks like the seller did not properly disclose what he knew.

My thinking exactly.

I looked at new home with water puddle standing in garage floor, with minor-looking foundation hairline cracking in that same garage area. Also had water leak opposite end of home where city water tied into home. After the water leak was fixed, the puddle dried and disappeared.
Tried to tell me they weren’t connected !!