Holiday Safety.

Holiday Safety

Good stuff Nick. You mind if I use this info on my blog?

One of the many great benefits of this great organization Sam.

I’ll go ahead and tell you that Nick puts these out for any InterNACHI inspector to use! :smiley:

There are even instructions somewhere as to how to copy and paste a nice, clean copy.

On a side note, copy and post will not help your SEO on your blog. Google hates plagiarism. You’ll wanna change it up a little.

All yours, as are

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Great thanks Nick! :smiley:

Thanks for the tip, what do you just have to change a word or two or have to reformat the whole thing?

I will read the link tomorrow but I can tell you better watch your a s s decorating as 2 years ago severely screwed me up for the rest of my life hanging some useless lights off the ladder I worked on every day. About a 2 1/2’ drop after a brief 1 arm hang off the roof and my life was forever changed for the worse :frowning:

Or post your plans and photos ( real time) on not being home on Facebook. Great stuff! Am going to use it for sure!

Changing a word or two won’t help much. You’d have to “make it your own”.

Sentences in different order, and different words that mean the same thing will help.

Don’t get me wrong, copying the article would be helpful and useful for those that read it, but it just won’t do a lot for SEO and those “crawling spiders”


Wow…Nothing about ladder safety. I think most folks use them while decorating ans maybe a line or two should be added for next years post. Just my 2 cents. It is great to have what was created but I just think the ladder should be mentioned along with not using improper devices like chairs stools buckets etc instead of ladders.

Maybe for your own websites and/or blogs you can add in some stuff about ladder safety from:

or from:

Good thought gonna use that too!