hollow core exterior doors

what do you report when you find a hallow core door used as an exterior door?

A hollow core door is being used as an exterior door. Hollow core doors don’t have weatherstipping, thresholds, much insulation value and are not as secure as an exterior door. I recommend replacement with a door designed for exterior use for enhanced safety and energy efficiency.

Or some such…

The Exterior door was hollow. ha. ha. :mrgreen: :slight_smile: :wink:

Hollow doors for the exterior are not standard applications for that use do to insulating factors, and abuse they require.


Wrong type of door for this application. Hollow core doors delaminate very easily, and as already nicely put, are not worth a flip for security purposes.

I’d best change my hollow steel door in the basement then. Wouldn’t want anyone smashing through that.:wink:

I cannot even drill through it.

A hollow door is a interior door and should NOT be used an exterior. For many reasons:Lack of, security, insulation, weather stripping, delamination, water penetration, etc.


Unless of course you happen to be the inside out family


Incorrect front door please replace immediately.

Move on care less if they change it or not I have covered my a$$.

Roy Cooke

I don’t do destructive testing, so unless there already is damage to the door, I wouldn’t know if it’s hollow core or not.


You would if you opened it. A hollow core door is lighter than a solid core door.

I don’t believe I’ve ever had a problem deciding whether it was hollow or not…there is quite a noticable (to me) weight difference when swinging the door and tapping on the door seems to help me decide also.

But, I suppose, if someone were not sure they could use “appears to be” hollow to describe it.

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Due to our 11 months of sunshine, a great majority of the doors here are metal. The coolest ones are metal made to look like wood. There are also different types of woods, so a hollow core oak door can be very, very heavy, much heavier than a loblolly or slash door. I quit trying to determine whether a door was hollow or solid a couple of decades ago, and I wasn’t even a home inspector then.

Keep that up, Marcel, and you’ll be sitting up in front of the class with me. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :cool:

I remember that a few times when I was in high school. ha. ha.

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try using a sharp bit:mrgreen:

not being from texas, i’m not sure if an insulated door is standard there or not. there are many foam filled metal doors that are quite light in weight that are made for exterior use.

how old is the door? has it delaminated or is it showing undue wear? an interior hollow core door would delaminate after exposure to a few rain storms. so if your door has been in place for a few years and is keeps out the weather, then perhaps a warning about security is in order. but then so would the glass window next to the door. it would be hard to stop speculating.