Holmes Inspection should be on Comedy Central

Watched an episode of Holmes Inspection last week. Told the client(who had a problem with freezing pipes) that builders shouldn’t run copper through a cold zone, such as above a garage. Thinks the home inspector should have warned his client who had purchased a 7 year old house.

When they decided to open the ceiling, the ceiling had been spray-foamed(which btw is his SOP when he renovates) however the builder missed the small area near the end of the pipe which explained the freezing. Had that part been BUILT properly, no freezing would have taken place. Yes, lets really nail the Home Inspector for this one.

He had his electrician come in and complain that a 7 year old house wasn’t built with a large enough panel and had to be replaced. All because a receptacle too close to a sink needed to be a GFCI and they wanted to add 2 new circuits for his surge protection. Why not throw on a full generator and complain the Home Inspector should have caught that in case the Russians attack and power goes out?

Ever notice when he brings in his cronies, they ALWAYS hang the Home Inspector to be tarred and feathered but when a recommended repair takes place and is done wrong, all these guys say is “yup, that was wrong”.

Thanks Randy,many agree with you .
Mike is not a home inspector he is an Actor.
Just like Marcus Welby played a doctor and Raymond Burr played at being Perry Mason a lawyer .
Glad yo too can see just what he is.
Fortunatly most of the public can see the truth … Roy

He walked right by a non-graspable handrail also. No mention before or after the show. I guess they didn’t have time to address that on the show where they ripped out all the insulation in the garage, fixed the downspouts and sump pump, changed all the ventilation, fixed crap wiring and flashed the loose brick.:frowning:
At least as someone has mentioned he is doing a HOLMES INSPECTION and not a Home Inspection.

I noticed the handrail too, they built it!!

What about Holmes criticizing inspectors for not lifting ceiling tiles as he does… They make no mention that he did not find the hacked floor joists behind until they were ALL removed.

That being said, who could have guessed that a 45 minute inspection would be adequate? The buyers have to take some responsibility, did they call around for the lowest price?

Sure someone has said this before but isnt he inspecting and repairing? Hes a contractor not an inspector.

Google Jon Eakes and Mike Holmes together and you’ll find some interesting reading. Sad how BS and a big ego beat out someone we grew up trusting on “Mr. Chips”.


Marcus Welby was actually supposed to be a DOCTOR, and was pleasant and didnt pass the buck or blame others. Imagine him telling all his patients that the last doctor they visited was incompetent…

On another note, it was mentioned at the beginning of the episode the inspection was free, some sort of in house inspector for the agent, who knows who did the final report, conflict of interest for sure.