Holmes is advisor at Global Climate Change Summit


Canada’s handyman in Copenhagen

December 09, 2009
Torstar News Service
COPENHAGEN (Dec 9, 2009)
As officials hash out a global deal to cut emissions and transform a carbon-based economy into one powered by wind, sun and water, Mike Holmes will be thinking about the wood, drywall, caulking and windows.
The television handyman is in the Danish capital as an official adviser to the Canadian government at the global climate change summit.
Holmes, 46, won a Gemini Award for his series of shows, Holmes in New Orleans, in which he constructed 13 homes for people who had lost theirs during the flooding that followed hurricane Katrina.
The draw was seeing houses built to withstand the next catastrophic flood or hurricane, something scientists say will occur more frequently if global temperatures rise. And the homes exceeded leading standards for energy efficiency and environmental design.
Canada, with its frozen winters and scorching summers, is just a variation on the New Orleans theme, Holmes said. The technology exists to build houses that won’t burn in yearly wildfires or be turned into matchsticks by tornadoes.
“I watched the three little pigs and the truth is we can do it,” Holmes said.
The unpretentious and hard-working Halton Hills native is the political equivalent for the Tories of the Tim Hortons crowd they have tried to target in election campaigns.
Holmes said he takes his new role seriously. “This is not a joke to me. I think I have an opportunity to help in this.”

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]http://video.citytv.com/video/55645560001/CityLine-Mike-Holmes-On-Home-Inspections/](http://video.citytv.com/video/55645560001/CityLine-Mike-Holmes-On-Home-Inspections/)

Unbelievable. People are eating this guy up without question! If I had all those tools I would have to charge much much more and price myself right out of the market.

What does an IAQ instrument mean to the lay person, let alone the inspector, and the fact its not part of the SOP.

Interestingly I don’t see any accreditation such as a member of a home inspection association, training for infrared, IAQ…

Be afraid, very afraid…

I have been told Mike used to be a stripper seeing his body and the way he likes to show it off .

I have been told he has no construction trade at all.

Wow, he has his own magazine now!

I see he no longer has Edmonton listed as a future service area. Guess he couldn’t find any takers huh?