Holmes On Homes

Understand I love the show, “Holmes On Homes.” Even with his usual expectations of home inspectors to have x-ray vision. I noticed something on the show. Let me walk you through my thoughts… brace yourself:

What does the word “Oh” sound like? The long “O” sounds.

Ok, now what does the letter “H” sounds like? The H sounds right? Sure.

Ok, on Mike’s truck, he has a personalized license plate: “HOH” so with the “H” sound combined with the long “O” sound from “OH”, what is he saying about himself?



In some parts of NY City, a hoe-down is slang for a prostitute being shot:roll:

Sounds like a garden tool used to weed and cultivate. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :mrgreen:

He has left home Depot and gone with Lowes also .


Roy why does your post look like you not a member anymore?


Well for a non-member, I swear this guy seems to know what the hell he is talking about most of the time. ha. ha. :wink: :slight_smile:

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I just found out that Mike Holmes and I attended the same middle school! He is 5 years younger than I so we didn’t cross paths. I read a recent and interesting article about the teachers that influenced him.
Here are the choices; Woodworking Shop Teacher<Machine Shop Teacher< Home Room Teacher<or The Music Teacher?

Take a wild guess!!


Lowe’s is going to be huge in Canada or at least Ontario. I know of two locations that will be opening soon. One is near you in Belleville, Hwy62 and 401. Maybe they will give The Home Depot a run for their money because Rona is not. Did I tell you I hate monopolies?

What did the Homeroom teacher look like? ha. ha.

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You’re story would be better if you said, “yeah he was 5 years younger than me, and I took his lunch money everyday. Having money difficulties, he became a garden tool used to weed and cultivate.”



I will post pictures when I get home on Fri. I have my Tablet and it has Vista and can’t resize my pictures.


VSO Resizer works for Vista and the download is free.

You sir, are one sick bastage … keep up the good work :mrgreen:


Just in case it is a she Homeroom teacher, blonde and looks like an outhouse brick house, you do not need to resize, I will be happy with the full size. ha. ha. :mrgreen:

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Thanks Marcel I appreciate it .
I getting got a lot of information and need to get just it confirmed and will post it hen I get home .
On the INFRARED course and I guess my lap top is not recognized by NACHI will fix it on week end If I get time .
The older I get the busier I get Great will have to live too 101 just to catch up.


You hit the nail on the head but she is a nice Lady.
The other teacher that influenced him is the music teacher again very nice man but you would think it would be the shop teachers. I know both of our shop teachers are great guys and they both had an influence on me.

BTW for my Canadian (Torontonian) fellow members I attended Queen Alexander Middle School (downtown Toronto) located in the inner City.

Linas do you have a link for this site? Thanks.

courtesy of Google :mrgreen:


Thanks Chris!! It’s been a long day.


According to the Teachers he is a nice guy!

He approached HGTV about having a TV show and the rest is History as they say. You have to admire the man for his accomplishments!