Holmes organization approves a.c.h.i.

The ALLIANCE of CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS makes every effort to help our professional members promote and grow their businesses. In a huge development in the Home Inspection industry, the Mike Holmes organization has vetted and approved A.C.H.I. making this organization the first and only Home Inspection organization to participate in the " HOLMES MAGAZINE" exposing our members to tens of thousands of potential clients across the continent.

A.C.H.I. members are supported by their Alliance.

Mike Holmes is an idiot.

For clarification - Or is it more correctly Holmes advertising approves paid ad in the magazine?

Mike Holmes is all about Himself and $$$$$$$, no matter what he portrays as an actor. How much did you pay him??

Is Mike Holmes able to legally be a home inspector in BC?..NO!!!

Just curious. Is ASHI approved in BC?

No…and neither is INACHI.

CAHPI, NCP, Cannachi and BCIPI are the only certifications that are recognized in BC.

The ALLIANCE of CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS is committed to helping our members grow their businesses. The opportunity to be vetted and approved by the Holmes people ( and the big guy himself) was too good an opportunity to pass up. We feel that our members deserve the chance to bring to the attention of tens of thousands of subscribers, that their chosen Home Inspection organization has cleared another hurdle and that their membership is the “gold standard” in Canada.

As you know, the Holmes people are very careful about whom they allow to advertise in that magazine and each advertiser has been personally vetted by Mr. Holmes himself.

At A.C.H.I. when we say we support our members and will help them grow their businesses, WE MEAN IT.



George I told you about the backlash I received talking about Mike Holmes.
Again I commend you for your efforts in your alliance.
Yes it is a marketing too. Another is that is is educational tool to help the understanding of associations and there place to help aid in the development, structure, discipline for its members and the ‘‘PUBLIC’’ to view for reference.
Good for you and I will stand behind your efforts in making the PUBLIC in Canada get a better understanding of a specialized practice ‘‘residential building inspectors and inspections’’.
I see it as juvenile, yet a budding industry in Canada. It has to be coast to coast in regulations to create a level playing field for the industry and set proper standards of practice.
I say well done George and bracing myself for the backlash.

I do not know about your so called back lash but using your words you said you have only seen one program as you do not get his TV Programs . If this is the case then I wonder where you get you thoughts .
If you think what you got is back lash well you are wrong .
You have many great inspectors here and you can learn a lot .
Many of us have seen lots of Mikes errors .
Mr. Homes web site is not even close to being a good place to learn .
His web site removes any who post facts that tend to show how great Mr. homes is not .
challenges or disagreements are instantly removed .
I have seen too much of he knows more then every one else .
Prime example he keeps quoting minimum code . Well this is new to me it is either code or not, no such thing as minimum Code .

Sounds to me like Geoge is satisfied with Mr. Homes dictatorial methods.

You where quick to complain about these same methods from some of our Canadian associations .

(“As you know,”) sorry George I did not know where is this information so I can read it myself.

I do understand Mr.Cooke about where the inspectors are coming from.I truly do. You also make reference to my statement about watching only 1 episode of his programs. That is the case.
The point I am trying to make is that the viewing audience is only viewing him ( in my mind ) as TV personality. The idea of the show (again to me ) is a representation of limited learning example rather than a TRUE TO LIFE SCHOOL.
Maybe I used the wrong verb ‘‘backlash’’ because its hard to read the subtle nuances that, eye to eye contact has when talking to some one face to face.
Your right I could have chosen a better verb Mr.Cooke. I was being to defensive.
Its good out and out rebuttal to ones views.
Thanks I will try to catch it when I post.
It is what it is TV.
>Lets take this old house as an example.
> None commercialized public television.
> It had a none bias view; meaning ( no lobbying ) for the intent of making monies from other outside interests.No chimerical’ s.Till the latter years.
> as you put it; at arms length.
A truer form of reaching a audience with the intent of education.
If I am relating my explanation unevenly. It would not be the first time.
I tend to think that TV has a limited use as a educational tool.
> ( UNLESS ) there is no lobbying from other interests groups…
TV and advertising tend to place a bias spin on how that program should be viewed and advertising deadens the narrative that the show is based on.
Just a point of view.

" A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful
than a life spent doing nothing." George Bernard Shaw.
We all forget our roots as we travel that well worn path over and over again.

Well, we all know Little Mikey is all about money so as Ms. Lauper says…

Then get on board to support the National Certification Program. Although the NCP has had a rough time recently, hopefully it will become viable again.

At one time before it was left high and dry by CAHPI National (probably for someone’s personal reasons), about 400 HI’s had gained this designation with more in the process of being tested.

Send me information on National Certification Program. I have zero knowledge about what is going on in Canada. I am to busy trying to get structure and discipline to help me in getting my company off the ground doing residential building inspection ‘‘PROPERLY.’’
I will be thankful to any and all that contribute to my education in acquiring what facts there are pertaining to the industry and what governs it,to people trying to change it for the better.
Thanks you can email me any time or post it here.


ACHI has at least been up front from what I have seen .
They in less then one year have sure made the other association,s sit up and take notice .
They have a lot of ideas most pretty dam good .
They do not seen to discriminate and Bull shyt the Home inspection industry .
They seem to throw their ideas out for all to see and they have many good thoughts .
They do not seem to be trying to squeeze money from every place they can like others do.
I wish them all the best and definitely think their open ideas and thoughts are a well needed change in the Canadian associations .
I do hope they have the ability to say they are sorry IF THEY EVER DO make a mistake .
Our other Canadian associations have for many years been out to help them selves and have done little for our industry.
It looks like they all follow their secret Cult like methods .

Robert, The National Certification Programme is now handled by www.nationalhomeinspector.org and you can get more information on that website. If you need more info, please email me.

Gilles R. Larin

Thanks Gilles Larin
You are great and kind to let me email you to answer questions that I may have.
I am trying to get a handle on every aspect of how and what regulates the industry ( residential building inspectors and inspections).
I find some here are quick to judge and tend to do so with negativity
I have my own idea’s why.
One steady and constant result of that practice is (meaning the statement I just said) Its counter productive.
Thanks, and I will talk to you shortly for I am almost ready to come out of the box (so to speak) with my business start-up plane.
As mentioned before I have done many home inspections but need structure and discipline and will come out the other end a (residential building inspector.)