Holy Crap.. Did you guys hear what I just read.

I cannot believe it!!! Despit ALL my hard work to help nickey get hits…
Google is dumping nachi, little by little… :roll: :roll:
Guess I better hurry up and link to nachi before I loose any more inspections.
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Dan, I think some of your screws came loose again and things are not computing.
Please consult a qualified head doc in your area for a professional assessment and treatment.

Nooo… Michael…
I took your advise and went fishing:) … found this alarming info on an other HI site.:smiley: :smiley:

Since you have failed to post anything relevant to your assertions we have no idea what you are blathering about.:frowning:

But if it matches your recent forays in to untruthfulness it is unlikely to be as you say.:shock:

You all do a little fishing… a little farming,:twisted: while I do a little specting.:wink:

Make sure your “trainee” does it right.:frowning:

Dan, rather than just say it, why not put up a link to it so we can all see it. Maybe then you can get all of us here to agree with you about how bad NACHI is. Maybe you can prove to us how bad Nick is lying to us. Personally, I doubt it, but give it a try. But please, post a link, not a “selective” cut and paste that only has partial info to support your side, not the whole truth.

Why is it that every thread I go to, I’m seeing this childish behavior?

Where are all the professionals?


You guys might want to start checking it out to see if he’s right. I did a search and came up with ASHI members in the top slots for Denver so far, number 2 is NACHI, and only NACHI message boards threads for anything related to NACHI in Washington State. But I didn’t do specific cities yet.

ok. right on it

I hope he’s not right. I don’t know why it would be happening though.

Does anyone see the black helicopters yet?

LOL! All the time.

NIck…where do you find all those cool icons?

He gets them from Smiley Central…just place your curser over the icon in his post, and click.

I am trying to change that down here. 1 way they do it is with ashi reporter, we need something like nachi reporter or Cnn backwards, NNC = Nachi News Certified and post every new thing that happens the way they do, new members, products, seminars, news articles, testimonials, you get the idea.

I make a thread to stop this motion!

So Nick whats up with Google. Other sites are asking removal of NACHI links or face being dropped by Google. I’m surprised other members have not read the latest news between Google and Yahoo. I checked today and what was 150,000 + at one time is Results 1 - 10 of about 97,400 from nachi.org. (0.16 seconds. We as members need some help and good advise.

Here’s todays Alexa ratings of the top HI sites…

The colors represent the organization.

nachi.org is #1


So what’s the problem?