Holy Crap!! Public Information Web Site

This free public information web site gives any ones name, address, birthdate, phone numbers etc. Whats even more scary is if you click on the find more info and then advanced people search get started, it even gives you how many bedrooms in your home, year built, and square footage, or land area. All of this free and for $50.00 bucks even more info. :shock:


It’s gonna lead to a lot of problems…I tried my name and just the free stuff contained many errors. Never heard of my “relatives”…and none of my real relatives were listed. I’m not going into the pay areas, of course.

Entered my wifes name, more errors.

Don’t put a lot of stock in this type of thing…too many errors…

Just went through it again. I see it’s involved with “Yellow Book” --that explains the misinformation.