Home address

Is it a legal requirement to list your home address on yoyr home inspection report?

Not as far as I know. Maybe the Home you are inspecting address but why the hell would you have to put yours?

it’s all personal preference, I have mine on my home inspection report excluding wind mitigation and four point inspection reports, but all have my license number. All the client really has to do is look up my license and my address is on there. So there’s really no hiding your address. As far as legal terms there is no real legal obligation to put your address on your report.

hope this helps.

How is everything going?

In TN license # only must be on reports so i was told when i was starting out,

I put my office address :slight_smile:

It is going great Shawn. Learning a little at a time!

I will leave my address off insurance reports but add it to my main report.

Office address for me. Don’t want to encourage stalkers.