Home Advisor getting worthless?

Is it just me or has home advisor gotten worse to the point of being worthless? The “leads” I’ve received the last couple months are just garbage.


That implies it was every worth something to begin with.

I was wondering about that, i’ve been getting almost every day calls. thanks for info

They were worthless even back when they were Service Magic.

Without a doubt, Homeadvisor leads generate very little business. However, I think they have some value for the additional SEO and reviews you get from their marketing.

You mean the ones you might spend years building and then disappear if you quit paying them ?

I get calls from them all the time. Last week when they called and said they had all these costumers needing home inspections, I said " how much are you going to pay me to take care of your customers". He was a little baffled, um that’s not how it works…

They are a money pit. We all need to answer like Dan did.

Awesome reply, I think I will borrow that line, lol