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Ive been approached by “Home Advisor Pro”. They are proposing to me to provide home inspections to me for a modest rate. The inspections are directed from their registered clients. The pitch sounds ok but I want to know if you are familiar with them before I give them any information about me, for a background check. They say that NACHI has endorsed “Home Advisor”.


Here is a discussion about Home Advisor (Service Magic)


You will see that some had success while others did not. You can make it work for you it you can sell yourself on the phone.

Chime in anytime about the bidding process Bob :wink:

The “modest” price that I paid was $12 per lead. Whether I get the job or not.
My experience was not a good one. Huge waste of money.
When prospective clients would visit the Service Magic (Now Home Advisor Pro) website, the page they filled out with their contact information specifically stated that they were “requesting a quote” from home inspectors. When I received the email notification from Service Magic that a client wanted to be contacted for a quote, the result was usually the same. The only information they were interested in was price.

Home Advisor Pro may work for you if you are the cheapest inspector in your service area or if business is so slow that you can be the first inspector to respond to the requests for quote from the tire kickers.

Good luck.

They called me too, I think they’re just going through the Internachi members list, I declined their offer, paying for giving people quotes is not good business for me…

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Good service for the desperate.
The money you send them can be used to pay for SEO,marketing,newsletters,or aux services such as Recall chek if you go that route.

12@times $200 is a chunk of change.
That could pay for a nice vacation.

Business is double for everyone this year so why pay them ?
In another month I will match last year not even marketing.

I see the last post about this was back in 2013, any body have a more recent input? has home advisor improved their lead generation system?

Search the BB both the open and MO sections and you will receive all the information you need or would ever want.

I use them now. I will be honest with you they suck. They lie. The sales men us only telling you what you want to here. I will break it down for you.

  1. Your leads will probably be closer to 20 bucks per lead.
  2. They say they have 30 per month coming count on 5.
  3. If you cant call back instantantly im talking withing 30 seconds its wasted money.
  4. When you first sign up check your area make sure its only your area not your whole state.
  5. You can pause your leads for months at a clip.
  6. They do help seo your name and profile is added to there data base which i did see an increase from.
  7. As long as you pay yearly fee your reviews pop up on google.
    All in all i didnt loose money with them but i definitly didnt make much. Its basically a break even service. You can get way better returns somewere else. If your looking to build your presence and have time to tightly monitor your area it might be worth it.
    Try adwords express. I get best bang for my buck there. You can set low budgets like 5 bucks a day and recieve leads.