Home Advisor

Has anyone had any dealings with home advisor.com they contacted me today wanting me to sign up for membership fee of $350.00 per year and $14.00 per lead before I make a decision I wanted to get some input.

           thanks in advance

There are many discussions on the message board you can find them and learn about them or save your time and money andRUN

I used Home Adviser for a while with my handyman busnisses. You pay for ALL leads they send you. Two types of people use their service, shoppers and buyers. The shoppers will usually waste your time. Buyers will commonly go with the first one to contact them. Great if you have someone to answer the phone on the first bounce, sole operator, not so much. Then they have a program where the customer schedules the appointment for the contractor.?? (you have to opt out)Yes they do. It works like this, you pay for leads even if they come in the middle of the night, if you never talk to the customer, it the job is out of your area, even if it’s for a service you don’t offer and so on. As for me, the phone calls have stopped but the emails keep coming!