Home Advisor

I’ve been speaking with them and I am not too impressed with the system or the 1 year commitment and upfront fee. Is anyone listed with them that would like to share if they are worth it or not? I would appreciate it. I have a web site, Facebook and a small amount of advertising. I already get good referrals… Thanks

You really should try the search feature. It will answer most of your questions.

I would be more concerned with making your site mobile-friendly so that people can find you. Look here.

That is an awesome tool, Frank. My website is not live yet but I temporarly made it live to test it and it passed.

You’re doing something right. Google is penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly.

Thank you… the tool is pretty cool. But, my question was on Home Advisor, not on how to make my site mobile friendly. My site developer is working on that.

Ok, here…
Enjoy. And your “developer” is not doing his job.

Ruuuuunnnn away

If I decided to go lowballer would sign up immediately.

Home Advisor is becoming much more visible. In the past, it has been sporadic. Lately though, I am getting more and more referrals from them. All good ones. I don’t lowball the price. You just have to be on your game since they send the same referral to several others. Most of them telling me that they don’t trust that the REA is giving them the best inspectors, or don’t trust them. I had considered ending my relationship with them, but after the last couple weeks have reconsidered.