Home burglary rate higher in Canada than U.S.

Tell me about.
I live in a very exclusive area of Toronto and there are break-in’s (burglaries) here all the time.

Always been that way if i remember right . Violent crime also.

Unless I am home, or gone for a week, I almost never even lock my doors. It could be that we live in the middle of nowhere, or it could be the volume if kids plastic toys in the front yard, (5 kids = no money) It could be the neighborhood sees and hears me shooting in the backyard occasionally, It could also be my neighbor parks his patrol car in his yard. I honestly couldn’t tell you in a hurry which one of my keys is my house key.

Michigan has what is commonly called the “castle doctrine” law, That is, A man’s home is his castle. (or woman) If I feel personally threatened or my family’s, my personal property is trespassed on, I have the right/option to use DEADLY force. Needless to say break ins have slowed a TON in the last few years. Every once in a while I hear of a series of business break ins, nothing major.
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In Canada you are not allowed to shoot at anyone, unless they have already fired upon you.

Even then, you might still be charged with murder for shooting an armed burglar.

Of course; That is assuming you were somehow able to purchase a firearm in the first place. Even to buy rifles for hunting is a big ordeal.

They need to be disassembled and locked up in your home. The ammo needs to be locked up separately too.

Forget about trying to buy a handgun. Only a cop or Brinks guard is allowed to carry.
And even for them it’s strictly allowed when on duty.

There is very little risk involved in breaking into a home in Toronto. But breaking into a home in Texas will easily cost you your life.

Same reason there are school shootings. No legal guns. Anyone ever heard of a nut case shooting up a gun show or an NRA convention? Almost everyone I know has a concealed carry permit including my 79 year old mother. Very safe here.

You’re right Wayne. And if anyone is caught and actually makes it to court, the judge will really crack down on the perp and give him a very strongly worded letter of reprimand.