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Has anybody heard of Pro Energy Consultants?

I did an internet search and this link came up.


Why do you ask?

I may venture into the Energy Auditing Field and this company offers franschise opportunities. I wasn’t sure how reputable they were. I have 20+ years of HVAC experience and I’m looking into going into business for myself doing residential energy audits. I’m researching what schooling/certifications I would need to have in order to perform inpections.

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There is plenty of information on the Department of Energy’s website to get the information you need to start doing energy audits. The are also plenty of retailers out there to get the equipment. Penn State has a weatherization course too. Personally, I wouldn’t pay anyone franchise fees for information that is readily available for free.

Pro Energy Consultants have not been in business for 13 years like they claim. they are long time franchise salesmen that are attempting to copy a successful business opportunity. The Real Energy auditing franchise opportunity is here… Energy Doctors

not real impressed with energydoctors… aren’t even an EnergyStar Partner.

That’s interesting… and sad; I believe they have been around since the 80’s or early 90’s. But look at some of their copy on the website:

“Our equipment (IR) allows us to** virtually see insidewalls and ceilings** …”.

Now, where have I heard this before? There’s embellishment (which may be a little, white fib) and then there’s over-embellishment which I call outright fraud and lies!!

From what I gather, everyone has learned how to run DIPLOMA MILLS from the HI industry…pump out “CERTIFIED EXPERTS” in a few days!!!

You can also become an expert auditor here . You don’t need to pay for that training and certification. Just buy an IR camera. Right Brian?

Hey, for those those that don’t have the time to find a good energy auditor training program, just follow the link provided by Linas…Just two whole days of hands-on training and 2 practice audits to become a “certified professional energy auditor”.

Better yet…get th IR equipment, read the manuals and become an uncertified energy auditor…real simple…Linas did it!!!

Are all certified professional inspection services falling to this low level? NOOOOOO!!! Some are actually much lower… you can get certified online in bed with pyjamas on! No need to actual get any hands-on training or… with the INACHI IR course, not even own an IR imager…But still can be certified!!

Ther you go again. “Brian the Spinmeister”. I booked 2 “Infrared Home Inspections” today and the $$$$ just keeps flowing. Life is good.

Easy to do if you over-embellish (lie) in your ad claims promoted to a basically scientifically illiterate public (national scientific literacy rate is barely 6-7-8%). With ads like that and the scientifically illiterate public, you probably do much better than the tobacco companies that had these same folks once convinced that smoking was “good thing”, relaxed you and had no bad health effects!!! With that type of thinking, Linas, all your kids must be smokers!!!

From your website:

Surface temperatures can also be changed by living organisms such as* mold, mildew and household pests.** Because these organisms often thrive in places that cannot be seen by the naked eye (such as behind walls), the use of ITI technology allows us to pinpoint exactly where a problem area is in your home without the need for any immediate invasive damage to the structure of your home.*

So now your IR imager will find all the mould, mildew and pests in the home!!

“Finally, thermal imaging technology allows us to more-accurately identify damage to your home’s electrical systems. By being able to pinpoint “hot spots” in fuse boxes and household wiring, we can provide you and your electrician with detailed imagery that will help the electrician to identify defects and make repairs more quickly to save you money.”

The bolded red leads people to believe that a single scan of a house will pick up any and all potential electrical problems…but there is no developed procedure or SOP for a household “electrical IR scan”…period. What is found is by fluke only!!! BTW, how can you find damage to the electrical system wiring with IR, if say, a mouse or squirrel has chewed insulation off wires in an enclosed wall???

You’re so full of it, Linas, I feel bad for the poor consumers in your sales area…basically scientifically illiterate with a liar plying his wares!!!

Are you still performing home energy audits with your gear or… IR scans …or have you ever figured out the difference between the two???

You’re jealous you don’t have enough business to afford this state of the art equipment and training. You are just a sore loser as we have seen by all your postings on this board. Got one scheduled for 9:00 AM cha ching $$$$$$$

Go for it Linas!!!

Welcome back, Peter, it’s really been a while since you posted any amount!!

My take: Spin it, Linas!! Change the topic. You haven’t addressed any of the items mentioned or asked in my post. Seems it’s a regular feature of how you operate…I’m still waiting for a return post from you that’s almost a year old now. I provided what you asked…can you do the same?


  1. Will your IR imager will find all the mould, mildew and pests in the home?

  2. How can you find “damage” (as claimed in your ad) to the electrical system wiring with IR, if say, a mouse or squirrel has chewed insulation off wires in an enclosed wall???

  3. Are you still performing home energy audits with your IR gear or… IR scans …or have you ever figured out the difference between the two? If you don’t know the difference between the two services, how can you really be the best inspector for your clients?


Here’s what I found today: Several areas in the home that had air infiltration into interior walls where frost had formed on the interior walls. Relative indoor humidity was 79%. I guess just about anybody can figure out whats wrong here. The builder could not figure it out what was wrong and was glad my client hired me for a mere $349. Found some insulation deficiencies in some other areas of the home. My client was thrilled and said it was well worth the cost of my Energy Scan/Audit. I didn’t find any mold, critters, or electrical problems so I presume they didn’t have any.That’s the jist of it. I’m sorry if I didn’t answer all your questions Brian, but I don’t have time to waste. Got another Energy Audit Scan or do you say scam scheduled for tomorrow. You continue to make a fool of yourself here with your rantings and frankly my dear, I think you’re just a jealous whining little bitch.;):wink:

And since you’re a Mr. Know It All tell us what is going on in these pics Almighty Energy Expert/Whining Bitch.:p:p:p:p

IR_0174 (Small).jpg

IR_0181 (Small).jpg


**WOW!! **


Did you just “BITCH SLAP” macneish?:shock:
Good for you brother!!:wink:



Even though you amuse me it doesn’t take away from the fact that you are a very stupid and ignorant man.
I would explain to you why Linas or other IR users can and do find mold and pests but I will pass at this time and allow you to continue making an ***** of yourself!!