Home Energy Inspection Fee

I recently inquired what kind of fee inspectors are getting for Home Energy Inspections and was told that they are being packaged in the home inspection and marking up the home inspection fee up $20 to $50.
I’m getting $200 to $300 for a Home Energy Inspection. I just did one Thursday for $250.
When I get a Home Inspection I tell the client that about the Home Energy Inspection and that the fee is $200 but combined with a Home Inspection the fee is only $50 because much of the information gathered in a Home Inspection is used in a Home Energy Inspection.
About a month ago I turned a $250 Home Energy Inspection into a $350 inspection for both.
Also if the client decides against a Home Energy Inspection with a Home Inspection I tell them that if they contact me within 30 days of receiving the home inspection report I will still issue the Home Energy Inspection report for $50.

Yea, that is BS!

If you know anything about Weatherization ( and have the equipment) it will be twice the cost of a Home Inspection.

Those that don’t charge that, are getting paid for blowing smoke up their clients azz…

“That’s all I have to say about that…”

Yup, what he said. Mine start at 525.00 <1500 sqr ft.

Not talking about a home energy audit. That’s the beauty of the home energy inspection. Perhaps you haven’t reviewed the home energy inspection on InterNACHI’s website.

I’m not talking about a home energy audit either, and my comment still stands.

Perhaps I have…
I advertise energy audits (because they don’t know what else to search for) but the first thing out of my mouth when someone calls asking about them is that I don’t do them!

These things are nothing more than an EPA sticker on a new car window!
You don’t know how the persons going to drive or any of the other assorted variables that have effect on the outcome. Who cares how many miles per gallon your house gets, If you don’t know how, when and where to fix it?

What Peter and I do when it comes to weatherization blows any of this other nonsense out of the water. What you are charging for gets done around here for free! Along with radon testing, mold testing and infrared flat roof scans! These non-home inspector types are doing all of this testing for free to get the contracting work. Because it’s not a home inspection, they have no responsibility to their client or have to meet any requirement (because it’s not licensed, for now until they screw up).

Take the next step and do some real weatherization work, and make a real difference!

Not advertising what you do and not claiming it does what you do. That’s why the fee isn’t what yours is.
The home energy inspection agreement even states this.

What are you trying to accomplish by providing this service? (Other than making a little extra cash)