Home Energy Report

This tool does not work and has not worked for awhile. Please fix. I ordered flyers that say I offer it and cant get it to function.

This is what it says and has said for a month-

There was an internal server error. We’ve been notified of the error, and are working hard to fix it.


I got it to work for me the other day. I stopped using it a long time ago because it is so inaccurate, not there was a server error.

I always had to enter false data as a work around, or try to explain to my client why their 1200 SQ FT home was going to take $13K per year to heat, and $13 dollars per year to cool it.

I agree with Mike. Even when it does “work” it is Very inaccurate. I don’t recommend depending on it to use for information to give your client.

Hey everyone,

We highly recommend participating in the Home Energy Score Program (it’s actively backed-up by the U.S. Department of Energy). There are no costs to members for participating in the program and adding Home Energy Scores as an additional revenue stream.

You take the training to become a Home Energy Score Assessor at no cost. The Home Energy Score is a very accurate measurement of each home’s energy usage. It also provides your clients with short-term and long-term suggestions to help raise their Score and make their home more energy efficient. The FHA and Fannie Mae actually require a Home Energy Score when homeowners apply for certain types of financing. And the goal is to get the Home Energy Score on every MLS listing.

For more information, please visit: www.nachi.org/homeenergyscore

Please send me an email f you’d like to start the training to become and Home Energy Score Assessor: michelle@internachi.org