Home Flipper Forgot The Electrical and Asbestos Pipe Wrap


I recently did a home inspection on an older home. The potential buyers were very impressed by the newly remolded interior rooms. This particular couple were in awe by the new paint and appearances! They were not comfortable with going down in to the dark unfinished basement, the nerve center of the home, so I as the inspector naturally did. Apparently the home flipper didn’t like basements neither. My findings were astonishing, I found terrible wiring, plumbing, and foundation issues. The moral of this post is that never judge a home by it’s appearances, there could be many issues that are unknown and a good inspector will find them. Please see me on my website at







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Good reminder thanks … Roy

Almost always the case with flip houses. Sure they make it look pretty just like on TV. I just wonder how much stuff the covered up that you can’t see.

Please describe what you reported on that is shown in this photo… Thanks.


Wow!!! That’s amazing!!!
Where is the ***“nerve center” ***of homes that do not have basements??

It’s crazy how some people will completely neglect some parts of the house.

why, the electrical panel, of course! :mrgreen: