Home fuel oil drum

Hello Nachi,

I have a home fuel oil drum in a special room in the basement... I would like to know for my own reasurrance . When the furnace stops from the oil drum being empty, what chemical or substance is used to neutralize the remainder of oil and fumes from that drum. This oil drum has to be cut in half to accommodate the staircase to remove it from the house.  I want to be 'pro-Active' when it comes to someone removing/cutting drum in half for Safety Sake !

I hope the information I have tried to explain is enough information for an EXPERT to tell me How This JobMust be accomished !

Thank you for your time to my question.

  Lynn Corrigan

I had a friend who was badly burned cutting one in half to remove it from the basement . Saber saw


Call your local fuel oil supplier, they will know how to get it out safely. Beats catching yourself or your home on fire.

Very suspicious that the OP refers to us in their greeting as “Nachi”. We haven’t been ‘Nachi’ in many years. Also, the bolding of the word EXPERT. One must wonder.

Reply: We are Inspectors. We do not advise on the method to perform something. Contact your local vendor for a consultation on the services you are in need of.

Have a nice day!

Call a professional , do not attempt it with a general contractor . good luck . your local fuel company may have suggestions in who to contact.